Shock as Matabeleland South man impregnates muroora after cheating with her for 3 years


In a bizarre incident likely to scare all would be diaspora goers, leaving their wives behind, a Kezi father impregnated his daughter in-law after three years of seeing each other and dating behind the back of all family members.

The case due for traditional trial under Chief Masuku of Matobo, in which Kezi falls under, in Matabeleland South Province, it is however, not the first one to be set under the same chief, as some of them from the same area were worse and even claimed lives of the perpetrators and their innocent relatives.

According to Mcebisi Nsingo, who is the brother to the man whose wife slept with her father in-law, the woman appears undeterred by the events taking place.
"When news of her pregnancy broke, I personally confronted her, with the intention of knowing who the father was, since my brother has been away in South Africa for three years now. She openly told me that the man responsible for her pregnancy was our father, much to my surprise. I approached the old man and he admitted, leaving me with no option but to inform my brother abroad of the current situation."

The Nsingo family said it will damage their image which they said was already under siege.

"We have managed to cool down our brother Mthabisi who is currently in South Africa, and has never returned home for the past three years. He was breathing fire at first when we informed him, but later accepted the situation," said a sister who identified herself as Thandeka Nsingo.

The old man, Nsingo, at the centre of the whole controversy, said that it was according to their culture that he can take over the horns if his sons are not there.

"There is nothing sinister about this situation and even in other places like Guruve and Zvimba, the practice is still on," said Dumisani Nsingo, who is now in his late 70s.

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