Stop behaving like a jilted lover & don’t rope in all war veterans in your personal issues: Mutsvangwa warned


Clearly, Mutsvangwa has issues with the Lieutenant-General (retired) Rugeje and Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs Minister Webster Shamu, but there are far much better ways of resolving those differences than kupaumba pamberi pepwere.

SINCE Government legalised the production of cannabis (mbanje) for medicinal or scientific purposes a few weeks ago, as a Bishop I have stayed away from preaching about this issue. I thought the ever-curious members of my congregation would say “ko Bishop makuita zvembanje futi?” So I stayed clear of this mbanje issue.

Then last Friday, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, leader of the Zion Christian Church gave me a window of opportunity to open up on the issue.

I have lots of respect for Bishop Mutendi, but he is not my spiritual father. While giving his devotion as ZANU-PF was launching its election manifesto last Friday, the highly respected Bishop said something that really presented me with the go ahead to preach a little about mbanje today.

While giving advice to ZANU-PF members who had lost during the recently held primary elections and were behaving like kids about it, Bishop Mutendi said: “. . . don’t seek be a hero. . . Some heroes have turned out to be sellouts . . . chiri chii chingatiparadzanisa? This is not the war (the primary elections), masvusvu aya, doro riri mberi . . . Wotsikwa chigunwe chimwe chete wotozhamba?”

Very short and simple advice, but loaded. I know many in and outside ZANU-PF with fertile minds quickly thought of Christopher Mutsvangwa who after losing in the primary elections has been acting very un-comradely.

I will preach a little about this later. While many were thinking about Mutsvangwa, I thought Bishop Mutendi was giving me a cue to speak my mind about mbanje. Kana Bishop Mutendi vachitaura zvedoro ini ndinotadza nei kukaura zvembanje?

So heino mharidzo yangu panyaya yembanje. Good and wise move by Government. I know there is a section of mischievous congregants in my church.

This section usually sits at the back, making all sorts of mischievous comments. I know for certain now they are busy whispering “Bishop Lazarus vanenge vakavharwa nembanje.”

But I mean it. The Government made a good move through Statutory Instrument 62 of 2018 (Dangerous Drugs –Production of Cannabis for Medicinal and Scientific Use Regulations). Under this instrument, producers of mbanje must be licensed by the Minister of Health and Child Care.

Reminds me of the years gone by when I was still in love with that great Jamaican rastaman Peter Tosh. Up to this day, no one can convince me otherwise – Peter Tosh was way, way ahead of Bob Marley as a musician.

Bob Marley got lucky because of his skin colour, but more importantly he agreed to be recruited and be used by the capitalist vampires. Anyway, this sermon is not about Peter and Bob.

But I used to listen to Tosh a lot when he would sing: “So you’ve got to legalize it; And it don’t criticize it; Legalize it, yeah yeah; And I will advertise it; It’s good for the flu; Good for asthma; Good for tuberculosis; Even numara thrombosis!” Those were the days of rub-a-dub style and we would skank like there was no tomorrow at Ngezi High School in Mhondoro.

Dear congregants, please take time to understand Statutory Instrument 62 of 2018. The Government is not in any way saying ngadzirohwe pese, pese. It’s all specifically for medicinal and scientific purposes. This is the direction the world is moving. “And it don’t just criticize it”. Soon you will understand why the Government took this wise move. Kwanzi ngadzirimwe, kwete ngadziputwe. Zvamurimi!

Now that we are done with mbanje, this week’s sermon will scratch a little about Mutsvangwa and a little more about the bullet-train and spaghetti-roads leader Nelson Chamisa.

Let’s start with Mutsvangwa. You know I actually thought the good comrade had mistaken Statutory Instrument 62 of 2018? I thought he thought it’s about consumption of mbanje and he had gone ahead to “puff the spliff” in rasta lingo.

Mutsvangwa’s reaction to his loss during the ZANU-PF primary elections was very un-comrade like. Look, Mutsvangwa is a jolly good fellow who speaks his mind and his verbosity really excites quite a number of people. He can spew those jaw-breakers like he is reading that Student Companion book. Many scribes enjoy it, but there was nothing to enjoy about this comrade’s reaction to his loss.

He had no kind words for ZANU-PF national commissar, Lieutenant-General (retired) Engelbert Rugeje on the way the primary elections were held:

“It is inconceivable that the President will win given that the party’s members have been largely disenfranchised.

“We realised that instead of being in the primary elections to provide peace and a stable environment in which Zanu PF members freely express themselves and choose their leaders, the national commissar, being a political novice, sought advice from a rehabilitated ex-Gamatox commissar in the form of Webster Shamu to turn police into returning-officers.”

This is not how comrades behave. This is not how comrades react and this is definitely not the way that comrades treat other comrades. NO. NO. NEVER! Comrade Mutsvangwa, iyi sandiyo nzira yemasoja yekuzvibata nayo. No, comrade kwete! However angry and however the injustice. The presidential advisor doesn’t behave like a jilted lover.

There is no way here I am suggesting that the national commissar was right. No. In fact, what transpired over those four days was enough to show that the commissar didn’t handle things properly. It was very clear that the commissar hadn’t budgeted for a lot of things and if it wasn’t for cool heads and political experience, the situation could have embarrassed ZANU-PF in a big way.

But despite all the shortcomings, there was no reason for Mutsvangwa to try to be a hero. Remember that idiomatic expression: “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”. A whole presidential advisor screaming to the world that the President could lose elections, just because he thinks something has gone wrong in Norton?

No comrade. This is not how democracy is practiced and this is not the way you can even claim to be raising the red flag before elections. Even football referees havango simudzi mared cards pose, pose.

And please, comrade Mutsvangwa, stop this system of trying to rope in all war veterans in your personal issues. People should never be afraid of war veterans. War veterans should be respected and this new dispensation has shown that it respects war veterans. Izvi zvekutyityidzirana kuti pangoitika something you don’t like you quickly say “ndodeedza boys rangu” is very wrong and shows disrespect for the war veterans. Pamberi nema war veterans edu!

Clearly, Mutsvangwa has issues with the Lieutenant-General (retired) Rugeje and Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs Minister Webster Shamu, but there are far much better ways of resolving those differences than kupaumba pamberi pepwere. Ko kana imi baba modaro, isu vana todii?

Even the Holy Book in Titus 1 vs 7-14 says: “Since an overseer manages God’s household, he must be blameless – not overbearing, not quick-tempered, not given to drunkenness, not violent, not pursuing dishonest gain. Rather, he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined. He must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it.”

Sekuru vangu Matope (may his soul rest in peace) always said: “Muzukuru, vanhu pfigiranai mumba motaura. Imbwa ndidzo dzinovukura dziri panze.” As your Bishop I sincerely hope that the ZANU-PF leadership will handle the Mutsvangwa issue in ways that will show him that ZANU-PF has functioning ears and so there is no need for anyone to shout on top of Mt Everest.

Talking of the ZANU-PF leadership, I think President Mnangagwa and Vice President Chiwenga last Friday managed to give one Nelson Chamisa some political stuff to be really scared of. First was the well-crafted theme: “Unite, Fight Corruption, Develop, Re-Engage, Create Jobs”, and then the election message premised on: “Visionary, Inspired, Transparent, Accountable, Principled and Servant Leadership.”

Chamisa remains stuck as a transactional leader – a something for something leader. Bernard Bass in his 1998 book, “Transformational leadership: Industrial, Military and Educational Impact” asserts that the transactional model of leadership was dominant in the 1970s and 1980s. This leadership model according to Bass (1998) is based on an exchange between leader and follower where the interests of both parties are served. The efforts made by followers to achieve organisational aims are exchanged for specific rewards, which maybe financial or non-financial.

The most unfortunate thing is that Chamisa is a something for something leader, yet he has nothing to give to those MDC-T hoodlums surrounding him. It will backfire soon.

While Chamisa is promising bullet trains, spaghetti roads and even the moon, President Mnangagwa has shown that he is a transformational leader seeking to transform Zimbabwe and its people.

In their 1994 book, “Improving organizational effectiveness through transformational leadership”, Bernard Bass and Bruce Avolio say transformational leadership remains the predominant leadership approach and has had a significant impact on the way that modern leaders behave.

Transformational leadership, according to Bass and Avolio (1994) is characterised by certain competencies and qualities. Common themes of these qualities include having a vision, emotional intelligence and being consistent and clear. Transformational leadership style concentrates on the development of followers as well as their needs.

I know some people are really excited about Chamisa, but hey dear people these leadership models really matter.

VP Chiwenga gave us a hint of the forthcoming attractions in the political ring: “We shall have time to dismantle their little, make-belief dreams as we get down to real campaign work . . .

“Before they tackle our icon, could they do their own supporters a small favour by resolving legitimacy issues that dog and haunt them! We excuse them for being too young to have participated in the struggle. But we cannot excuse them from mounting a bid for national leadership from a pilfered party crown!

“The courted and concussed voter has to read, weigh and decide from a welter of competing visions . . .

“But visions are deeper and a more serious affair for transforming nations, impacting a people. Not childish dreams which excite rude passions, while not surviving even the most charitable scrutiny. We hear such child-like and childish talk designed to transform make-belief worlds fit for the painter’s canvas, never phases to be lived and enjoyed. Bullet trains! Spaghetti Roads! Rural Airports! Cell phones for Animal Kingdoms! All such and much more crazy ideas to come . . .”

Ummm, let the election season begin! Paita soja rinosvika kure apa!

Bishop is out!

– SundayMail

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