‘Mnangagwa and Chiwenga copied Nelson Chamisa’s ideas into Zanu PF manifesto’

President Mnangagwa and Vice President Chiwenga

MDC Alliance’s overwhelming support countrywide has frightened President Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga to the extent of them having to literally steal and smuggle the Alliance program of action for a better Zimbabwe into Zanu PF election manifesto.

The Alliance national spokesperson, Professor Welshman Ncube on Sunday said when the Alliance presidential candidate Advocate Nelson Chamisa began highlighting the need for modern transport infrastructure such as the bullet trains and spaghetti roads, Zanu PF labeled him as being crazy. However, on Friday last week, Zanu PF unveiled its manifesto which to the surprise of many was littered with the very same MDC Alliance program of action.

“Chamisa has been saying it was possible for Zimbabwe to have bullet trains and ‘spaghetti roads’ but Zanu PF said he was mad” said Professor Ncube while addressing thousands of supporters at an Alliance rally at eSiganda in Bubi district.

“But did you see their manifesto; Mnangagwa has literally copied Chamisa’s concepts. They just cannot ignore him” said Professor Ncube to thunderous applause.

“In a class room scenario, you cannot copy from a dull classmate, you target the best and that is what Mnangagwa has done” .

Professor Ncube chronicled Zanu PF’s fake 2013 election pledges warning people not to fall in the same trap by voting for it in the forthcoming elections.

“In 2013, they (Zanu PF) dished out tea-pots and torches and you voted for them. They promised 2.2 million jobs and who among you managed to secure a job?” he asked.

“They further promised to construct at least two clinics per district but that never happened.

“The spoke of bringing in $15 billion through indigenization programs but instead they stole $15 billion,” said Professor Ncube.

“All of their promises were not fulfilled and it is important to vote them out this year because they are not doing what they said. This is the time to boot them out,” added the MDC President.

Professor Ncube stressed that Chamisa, whom he described as an energetic and capable leader was the ‘man to win us the election”.

He said the Alliance was the only solution for Zimbabweans to get rid of the bundling Zanu PF.

– Zimbabwe Eye

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