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Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa's office, is now running Zimbabwe's dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), popularly known for it's ruthless covert operations in the crushing of dissent and opposition to President Robert Mugabe's sunset rule, The Telescope News, has gathered.
Mnangagwa who is currently the acting President and is also the justice minister, according to sources close to the presidency, is now all but de facto head of state after allegedly being given the further responsibility to run national security affairs by Mugabe, as he continues to manage the affairs of the country in an acting capacity, before the Zanu PF leader touches down from a month-long Singapore holiday anytime soon.
The CIO is seen as an important nexus of political power in Zimbabwe, and it is coming to light that Mnangagwa, a founding minister of State Security from 1980-1988, in fact remained a quasi and closet leader of the agency.

Our own intelligence sources said, the new vice president, has reportedly courted the consultancy services of a leading International spy agency, which has helped him to allegedly keep wire-taps on his political and business elite rivals to this day.
"ED (Emmerson Mnangagwa) did not necessarily leave the secret service, when he was promoted to justice minister between 1988 to 2000," said one of our informants.

"In fact he has remained tightly in control ever since through the Joint Operation Command. Go anywhere in the world, and you will realise that the secret service is a valuable asset for national security, but also for those who want to lead the country. It has happened in Russia, where President Putin is leading on the back of KGB credentials, and although they have reformed to being called the FSB, Putin still controls the powerful outfit."

Mnangagwa's government CV:

Minister of State Security (1980–1988)
Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs (1989–2000)
Acting Minister of Finance (1995–1996)
Speaker of the House of Assembly (2000–2005)
Minister of Rural Housing and Social Amenities (2005–2009)
Minister of Defence (2009–2013)
Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs (2013–present)
First Vice President of Zimbabwe (2014–present)

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