SHOCKING: Boy caught having se_x with goat, says he fears contracting HIV from women


In a bizarre incident a Chiweshe boy from Chaka village, Chaona was caught r_aping a pre_gnant goat last week prompting the village head to send him before Chief Makope's village court yesterday (Sunday).

Chief Makope heard that the boy was caught undressed r_aping a goat after he was sold out by its anguished bleats.

When he was asked why he had se_x with the goat, the boy allegedly told the Chief's court that, “I have se_x with animals because I fear contracting HIV.”

He was slapped with one bovine and an additional four goats to be paid to the owner of the goat.

Chief Makope said he does not condone such behaviour hence people who violate Ubuntu should be judged harshly.

"What the boy did is not acceptable in the society and people who do not respect our tradition in such a manner should be treated harshly. That is very wrong especially considering his age," he said.

Aparently the r_aped goat was killed and buried as it was regarded no longer fit for human consumption.

Cases of bestiality are mushrooming in Mashonaland Central. Makope said this year alone he has presided over four cases and three of them were between cows and human beings.

"Bestiality is sprouting in my area, this year I have presided over four cases, though this one is unique in that it is involving a goat, the last three were involving cows," Makope said.

Last month a Mazowe man was caught pants down with a goat and was sent to Chief Chiweshe's court.

In Guruve another case of bestiality was recorded at Shinje where a goat was reportedly r_aped to death with cond0ms.

– Bulawayo24

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