JUST like a Tsunami, First Lady Grace Mugabe has left a trail of destruction since she plunged into politics, shooting from the hip and spewing bile at her foes, in particular Vice President Joice Mujuru.

In her recent "Meet the People" rallies held at her Mazowe orphanage, her message has had little of the good, plenty of the bad, and truckloads of the ugly including the vulgar.


She said Mujuru will be left naked and smelling so much even God will reject her. Grace, who claims to have supernatural powers, claimed in one of her rallies that Mujuru was doomed to stink in hell.

"Do not take unnecessary risks saying you are brave because you will end up being humiliated and have children laughing at you. You will be humiliated and left naked and dogs will not come near you because you stink even if you put on perfume," she said.

"You are not going to heaven because God will not touch your stinking body. And even mosquitoes will not come near you because you stink," Grace said in reference to Mujuru.

She announced that she had trapped Mujuru and that she had a better body than that of the Vice President.

"I trapped Mujuru and I now have a recording of her in a mini-skirt, speaking ill of me and the president. We are tired of this stupidity. Ngaaende izvozvi (She must go now)," Grace said.

"Today there were media reports saying that I said I have a recording of Mai Mujuru being intimate with a man. What I said is she should not wear mini-skirts in front of young people, I said so because it is her culture. What she was wearing in the video was inappropriate considering she was in her lounge with a young man. Ende munhu ane muviri muhombe (She has a big body). Even in real life, I have seen her like that. Even women in Parliament came to me complaining saying we educated her on how to dress. I said let her but not before children. Chero isu tine miviri yakanaka handife ndakapfeka mini pavana," she added.

Grace further said the acting President Mujuru was daft, calling her a dung beetle.

"You should stop following a daft person. (Martin) Dinha (the resident minister and of Mashonaland Central) you have confidence and why are you following a daft person, I am saying pasi nechituta (down with a stupid person). Do not follow dung beetles," she said.

She said Mujuru should be ousted like the provincial chairpersons aligned to her.

"Because sometimes the one who appointed you wants you out but does not want to embarrass you. He would just be waiting for you to write and say I have resigned but if you are hard-headed tomorrow you will be ousted like the others…. Saka ndiri kuti munhu ngaadzokere kuDotito (Go back to Dotito). If you do that we will respect you and sit down and talk," she added.

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