TWELVE pupils at Chaplin Government High School in Gweru have been expelled from school for allegedly engaging in a sex orgy at the girl's hostels while their colleagues looked on.

The shell shocking incident occurred in the wee hours of Tuesday when six boys, who are boarders at the school, allegedly sneaked into a girl's hostel through a window before switching off electricity.

The other pupils who were in the hostel were awakened by the night sounds.

Realising that they have been heard, the boys tried to escape and one of them accidentally stormed into one of the girls' room who upon seeing an intruder screamed.

Some of the girls alerted the matron who rushed to the scene and caught the pupils red handed sharing the forbidden fruit with lots of used condoms scattered all over the floor.

Pupils from the school who refused to be named told this publication that the 12 pupils (names withheld) involved four Upper Six pupils and eight Form Fours.

A pupil at the school who spoke on condition of anonymity narrated how the drama unfolded.

"Six boys got into our hostel through the window. They then proceeded to where their girlfriends sleep before switching off the lights. They started having sex with their girlfriends while other pupils were fast asleep", said the pupil.

It is understood that the pupils who could not enjoy their pleasures quietly awakened their colleagues who were sleeping in the same hostel.

The pupil said all hell broke loose when the other girls in the hostel mobbed the couples who were still sweating it out on each other.

The boys were then given a thorough hiding by fellow pupils before they alerted the matron, Memory Njovo.

"After they had been caught the boys became aggressive and they assaulted the girls who had blocked the door way so that they do not escape. They went on to break window panes and they escaped through the windows. This thing has been going on for a while in the school. The same boys have been coming to the hostel," said the pupil.

The source said the pupils have since been expelled from school.

This comes just a month after 16 pupils from Gweru's Mkoba 1 High were expelled from school for involving in group sex.

The matron of the school Njovo, said she was not accredited to talk to the media.

"This is a government school so l am not allowed to disclose any information, should you require any information please contact the Information administrator", she said.

However, contacted for comment the headmistress for Chaplin Government High School Rose Gandanhamo refuted the incident saying nothing of that sort happened in the school.

"I never heard anything like that and nothing like that happened in the school", she said.

The Provincial Education Director for Midlands, Agnes Gudo could not be drawn to comment.

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