Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba pulls a shocker at Zanu PF rally


NOTHING beats this.

It was at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sell-out rally at Murambinda B Primary School, and one politician stole the limelight and kept thousands of party supporters on their toes and dusting their shoes.

Clad in a yellow blazer emboldened with President Mnangagwa’s face, the master of ceremonies (MC) made what many received as a joke of the day:

“Our next entertainer is Joseph Chinotimba and the Bulawayo Logistics Band”.

Out of curiosity, this reporter drew closer to the stage.

Thousands of Zanu-PF supporters stood in awe at the events unfolding before them.

Some would be heard whispering at each other, “What is this Chinos guy up to. Ngaaite mushe Chinos, zvake ndezvemajokes, kwete magitare”.

Yes, Joseph Chinotimba was on the stage, to entertain the crowd through music.

For a man who was recently endorsed as the ambassador of happiness, he did not disappoint. He put up a scintillating performance.

The goat-bearded Chinos proved a rare point – he knows his stuff, and poured blood, sweat and tears into his act.

His energetic Bulawayo Logistics Band curved a niche of delivering the goods and expectations are high that with further nurturance and experience, the outfit will soon be a force to reckon with at Zanu-PF rallies.

It’s a political band made up of unemployed youths from Buhera South, and Muzokomba to be precise.

The first song, President Mnangagwa, was an instant hit.

It goes – “Ukaona Mnangagwa, waona President, kwete Chamisa”.

Those pretentious listeners who had dismissed the politician as an attention seeker, were the first to fall for it. They joined in, and the effect was contagious. The crowd erupted in joy, and Chinos was not carried way, but kept his composure and trademark mob-fascinating magnetism intact.

Truly speaking, the Bulawayo Logistic Band gave a good account for itself and was revered for its athleticism, mature voice, sound projections and perfect choreographies.

The ensemble has potential to blossom; and Chinos warrants mentioning as a thoughtful and humorous composer.

He is a galvanising force, and whether you have seen him on stage before, you will still want to re-capture his live magic again.

His fusion of innovative dancing techniques, natural charismatic looks and guitar strumming skills have greatly helped to distinguish him as an emerging franchise bidder of both the Sungura genre and Borrowdale dance.

In an interview, Chinos said the band was part of his many initiatives to empower and motivate unemployed youths in the constituency.

He also promotes school and competitive football in the constituency.

“I composed all the songs, and soon we will launch a six-track album. So far I have penned three songs, covering politics, social life and love. I am an MP, but I can also play music, and the other three songs will be ready soon. This is a lesson to rural youngsters to be innovative.

“The first song and crowd favourite is President Mnangagwa. It sets the record straight that ED is the only President of Zimbabwe, not this Chamisa guy.

“The second song is Rudo, which preaches about loving every Zimbabwean unconditionally – be it an MDC or Zanu-PF supporter. In my constituency I treat people equally. I am a father to both MDC and Zanu-PF supporters, and in return people across the political divide love and vote for me. We are one in Buhera South,” said Chinos.

The third song is Musawengana, which denounces political hatred and violence and speaks of co-existence and competitive ideas as the engine room of community development.

“The theme of my songs is unity. In the song President Mnangagwa, there is not hate speech, as you may want to allege.

”It is a Zanu-PF song that speaks to Zanu-PF supporters to disregard Chamisa. It counters MDC songs directed at Zanu-PF. Music is a political tool these days, and we cannot leave that space to MDC only.

“Our slogan is pasi neMDC, and MDC has its own slogan and songs where they say ‘Chinotimba mudenga, hezvoko bwaa, which means smash him down. So I composed the song to counter MDC songs, and both Zanu-PF and MDC supporters like the song for its humour. The MDC supporters actually get excited when they hear me saying pasi navo, and in a way it is an acknowledgement to their existence,” said Chinotimba.

“As you are aware, I am the ambassador of happiness, and my job is to make both my political supporters and opponents happy. This is why they call me Chinos wevanhu. That also explains why I was not contested in the Zanu-PF primary elections. It is not like there are no people who hate or want to dislodge Chinos, there are plenty of them, but along the way they were disqualified by the people in favour of Chinos.

“The band has been practicing together for the past three months.

”My father was nicknamed Bulawayo, and I renamed the band after him. I have a complete music kit for the band, and we are all still learning the ropes. I want the boys to pursue music as a career.

”I want the band to prosper so that the boys can eke a living out of it. Eventually they should hold shows, and share the money among themselves. I don’t need anything from the band. All they have to do is work hard, be innovative and compete at the highest level,” said Chinos.

He said he was certain of winning the next elections.

“I have always been on the ground, implementing developmental projects, which makes me the darling of the grassroots.

”I want to say to those who have fallen by the wayside defeat is not death. It is just that people opted to change leaders, so we should unite and do one thing – ensuring Zanu-PF wins in Buhera in the next elections.

“I do not see anything that will stop me from winning the elections. I will bounce back. I have people in Zanu-PF and MDC that will vote for me because I executed my mandate beyond reproach,” he said.

Chinotimba said apart from politics and music, he is also into farming, security services, soccer and retailing businesses.

– ManicaPost

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