Full list of all the 133 political parties that are going to contest in Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections


As the political race tightens towards the officially declared 30 July as the day when the country is set to hold the 2018 plebiscite, the country’s 133 political parties have been exposed.

Below is the list of the 133 political parties set to contest the forthcoming harmonised elections.

1. #1980FMZ- #1980 Freedom Zimbabwe

2.. ADP- African Democratic Party
3. AKE- Alliance Khumbule’ Ekhaya
4. ANSA- Alliance for National Salvation

5. APA- Alliance for the People’s Agenda
6. BCP- Bethel Christian Party

7. Busier Busier
8. BZA- Build Zimbabwe Alliance
9. CP- Chiefs Party
10. CTD- Congress for True Democracy
11. DARE- Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment
12. DA-UPP- Democratic Alliance- United People`s Party

13. DAVID- Divine Alliance for Vitalisation of Inspired Development
14. DAZ- Democratic Alliance Zimbabwe
15. DOP- Democratic Opposition Party of Zimbabwe

16. DPZ- Democratic Party of Zimbabwe
17. DRK- Democratic Revolution Kommand
18. DRP- Democracy Restoration Party
19. ENDP- Economic National Democratic Party
20. ERA- Economic Reform Assembly
21. ERP- Economic Reconstruction Party
22. FDZ- Federal Democrats of Zimbabwe
23. FF- Freedom Front
24. FJCZ- Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe

25. FLOANP (formally ANP)- Forces of the Liberation Organisation of African National Party
26. FZC- Freezim Congress
27. G40- Generation 40
28. GNSD- Gungaisizwe Nationalistic Social Democrats
29. GPM: ZPP- Zimbabwe People’s Party: Good People’s Movement

30. J JDP- Justice and Development Party
31. KP- Kambizi Party
32. LD- Liberal Democrats
33. LP- Liberation Party
34. LWTF- Long Walk To Freedom
35. MAAT-Zimbabwe MAAT – Zimbabwe
36. MAYAZ- Movement Amalgamating Youths to Advance Zimbabwe

37. MCD- Multi-Racial Christian Democrats
38. MDC- Movement for Democratic Change
39. MDC- T- Movement For Democratic Change

40. MDC-T Movement For Democratic Change – Tsvangirai
41. MKD- Mavambo Kusile Dawn

42. MNP- Mthwakazi National Party
43. MPDPZ- Multi People’s Democratic Party of Zimbabwe
44. MRP- Mtwakazi Republic Party
45. NDC- National Democratic Congress
46. NAP- National Action Party

47. NAPDR- Nationalists Alliance of Patriotic and Democratic Republicans
48. NCA- National Constitutional Assembly
49. NDC- National Democratic Congress
50. NEPF- National Empowerment Progressive Front Party
51. NP- New Page
52. NPF- National Patriotic Front

53. NPF- (formally PIMZ) New Patriotic Front
54. NPJE- National Party for Justice and Economics
55. NPP- National People’s Party
56. NUP- National Unity Party
57. NZDC- New Zimbabwe Democratic Change
58. NZDP- New Zimbabwe Democratic Party
59. NZRP- New Zimbabwe Republican Party

60. PACD- Progressive Alliance of Christian Democrats
61. PDP- People’s Democratic Party
62. PDU- People’s Democratic Union
63. PDZ- Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe
64. PIMZ- Progressive and Innovative Movement of Zimbabwe
65. PPPZ- People’s Progressive Party Zimbabwe

66. RAC- Righteous African Congratulation Party
67. RDP- Rainbow Democratic Party
68. RPDZ Real Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe
69. RPZ- Republican Party of Zimbabwe
70. RZFP- Rise-up Zimbabwe Freedom Party
71. RZP- Rebuilding Zimbabwe Party

72. SAPAZIM-SPZ- Salvation Political Party Zimbabwe

73. SDP- Sustainable Development Party
74. SUVOZ- Suffering Voices of Zimbabwe
75. TAD- The African Democrats
76. TIZ- Total Independence of Zimbabwe
77. TKC- Thy Kingdom Come

78. TZ- Transform Zimbabwe
79. UANC- United African National Council
80. UCA- United Christian Alliance
81. UCAD- United Crusade for Achieving Democracy
82. UCADGPZ- United Crusade for Achieving Democracy Green Party of Zimbabwe
83. UDA- United Democratic Alliance
84. UDF- United Democratic Front

85. UDM- (changed from UMUP) United Democracy Movement (changed from United Movement and Unions Party)
86. UDP- United Development Party
87. UMD- United Movement for Democracy

88. UMD- United Movement for Devolution
89. UPP- United People`s Party
90. UPZ- Unity Party Zimbabwe
91. URFZ- United Residents Front of Zimbabwe

92. USSAC- Union of Socialist States of the African Continent
93. VIVA- Voices In The Vision of Africa
94. VOP- Voice of the People
95. VP- Vanhu Party
96. WOYE- Word Of Yahwe Expression
97. ZANU – PF- Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front

98. ZANU NDONGA- Zimbabwe African National Union -Ndonga
100. ZAPU- Zimbabwe African People`s Union

101. ZCP- Zimbabwe Communists Party
102. ZCPF- Zimbabwe Citizen Party Forum
103. ZDC- Zimbabwe Democratic Change
104. ZDP- Zimbabwe Development Party
105. ZDPP- Zimbabwe Democratic and Patriotic Party
106. ZDRP

107. ZEFF- Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters
108. ZEFP- Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Party
109. ZIA- Zimbabwe In Alliance
110. Zimfirst- Zimbabwe First Party
111. ZIM-ID- Zimbabwe Independent Democrats

112. ZimPF- Zimbabwe People First
113. ZINACO- Zimbabwe National Congress
114. ZIPP- Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity
115. ZITA- Zimbabwe Transitional Alliance
116. ZITER- Zimbabwe Industrial & Technological Revolutionary Party

117. ZIYA- Zimbabwe Youth in Alliance
118. ZLD- Zimbabwe Liberation Democrats
119. ZLP- Zimbabwe Labour Party
120. ZNRC- Zimbabwe National Redemption Congress

121. ZOOPP- Zimbabwe Organized Open Political Party
122. ZPF- Zimbabwe People First
123. ZPF- Zimbabwe People’s Front
124. ZPFU- Zimbabwe Provincial Federal Unity
125. ZPM- Zimbabwe Patriotic Movement
126. ZPV- Zimbabwe People’s Voice
127. ZRDP- Zimbabwe Rainbow Democratic Party

128. ZRDP- Zimbabwe Revolutionary Democratic Party
129. ZRF- Zimbabwe Republican Front
130. ZRP- Zimbabwe Republican Party
131. ZUDA- Zimbabwe United Democratic Alliance
132. ZUM- Zimbabwe Uhuru Movement
133. ZUNDE- Zimbabwe United for Democracy

1.PRCOPP- People’s Rainbow Coalition Of Opposition Political Parties

2.CODE- Coalition Of Democrats
3.MDC Alliance- Movement FOr Democratic Change Alliance

– ZimbabweEye

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