Men of God urged to keep to their calling and stop making false prophecies about 2018 elections


Later day ‘prophets’ are easily excited at elections time with some of them pronouncing unbelievable prophecies. Even dreams are nomore common dreams but elections related.

Sometimes one wonders if these prophets are being paid for favourable predictions which are now called prophecies. If the prophecy is not about good fortunes for Zimbabwe, then its about possible bloodshed.

Are they so thirsty for civil strife and disturbances? Have the prophets not collected enough from the gullible public? Every sermon begins with “Today is your day”, how many days are your day?

I urge the men of God to keep to their calling, that of spreading the Gospel and evangelizing. Giving people false hopes and raising false alarms through voodoo pronouncements is evil in itself. True prophecies come to pass, God is faithful.

Prophets should not wade into politics especially where lies rule the roost. Some of them have fleeced followers big time, giving them false hopes through ‘cooked up’ prophecies. The clergy should not mislead by example, their core business is preaching, counseling and comforting those in anguish.

Wrestling money from the poor followers goes against tenets of worship. God loves those who give to the poor, orphans and widows, not those who take from the needy. Giving to charity is one of the pillars of true worship. Praise be to God.

– Tondorindo

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