Female entertainer Mai Titi breathes fire at ex-husband: Prophet Uebert Angel knows he infected me with HIV


Outspoken comedian, Mai Titi, says she doesn’t read much into people who accuse her of being an attention seeking entertainer after she declared her HIV status live on Facebook.

She insists that the story is real and she is ready to go for public tests if challenged.

“I don’t care whether people think it’s a publicity stunt or not but it’s a true story and I wanted people to know my story, the story behind the woman they have grown to love, the woman they look up to,” said Mai Titi.

She said it took her some time to reveal her status since she was scared.

“I felt obligated to reveal my status because I know that it will encourage someone to get out of an unhealthy relationship like I did, it will also caution the women who are hooking up with my ex to be aware of his status.”

Mai Titi also claimed that about five years ago at a sermon by Prophet Uebert Angel, her ex was warned through a prophecy that he was going to suffer later in life for infecting his wife with HIV and he confirmed that he had infected her.

“This is not the first time that my status went public, because my father prophet Angel once prophesied that he was going to suffer for infecting me with HIV, and he confirmed it,” said Mai Titi.

“I am already on ART and I defaulted at some point when I discovered that we were collecting the pills at the same clinic.

“The pills make me sick but I am trying to adhere now because I want to live and take care of my children,” she said.

Asked whether her family had given her the go ahead to disclose her status, Mai Titi said:

“I don’t care how my family feels but I feel better after venting because people attack me all the time.

“I was once published on Musvo Zimbabwe, accused of being a pr0stitute but now people know how I acquired the disease.

“I want to encourage fellow women in the same predicament as me to keep strong because it’s a phase – I almost committed suicide last night (Monday) but I don’t want my ex to think he won.”

– HMetro

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