2 prophets in trouble after gang-rap!ng a woman with ‘mermaid spirit’ at Ruwa River


Two self-styled prophets reportedly gang-rap_ed a woman during a “cleansing ceremony” at Ruwa River, a Harare court heard yesterday.

Blessing Chimbadzo, 28, and Wellington Kadzutu, 29, were charged with r_ape when they appeared before Harare magistrate Edwin Marecha.

Marecha queried why the State papers did not reveal the date and name of the victim, arguing the police had done a shoddy job since the incident is alleged to have occurred a month ago.

“The State must explain why the complainant has not been identified and why she could not recall a date of an incident that happened a month ago,” Marecha said.

“The court will not just place the accused persons on remand if sufficient evidence has not been proffered. The State ought to justify placement on remand.”

The case was briefly adjourned as prosecutor Linda Gadzikwa looked into the matter.

On a date unknown to the prosecutor but in April, the complainant approached Chimbadzo and Kadzutu seeking spiritual help for problems she was facing.

The court heard that Chimbadzo and Kadzutu arranged for a day when they would visit the woman and perform a ritual to end her problems.

When they arrived at the woman’s residence, she was told to get some rice, sweets, wine and two metres of white cloth for the cleansing process.

It was alleged that Chimbadzo and Kadzutu told the woman that she had a mermaid spirit and would only be cleansed at Ruwa River after buying the goods.

The court heard that when she arrived at the river, Chimbadzo and Kadzutu began praying for her.

Chimbadzo reportedly started f0ndling the woman and before forcing himself on her while Kadzutu held her hands.

After the act, Chimbadzo then held the woman to allow his friend to also r_ape the woman.

The State has lined up witnesses to testify against the duo and according to State papers, the duo have pending r_ape cases in the same court.

– DailyNews

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