Vice President Joice Mujuru stripped naked: Grace Mugabe bares all


VICE president Joice Mujuru stripped down to her birthday suit and stomped around her house in a furious rage after Grace Mugabe was nominated to head Zanu-PF women’s league, the First Lady claimed Saturday.

The vice president then went on to disparage Grace’s rancorous meet-the-people rallies, quipping that she was behaving like a lunatic with a whistle, President Robert Mugabe’s wife added.

Addressing delegates to the Zanu-PF congress, Grace said she might have been a lunatic but she put her whistle to good use by blowing it to bring attention to the vice president’s corrupt and treacherous practices.

“I never wanted to do this to her (Mujuru), but the way she treated me, I was forced to do so. She tore the party regalia which she was wearing to an extent that she moved naked in protest over my nomination,” said Grace.
Following the surprise announcement she would lead the Women’s League, Grace travelled the country addressing supporters.

She, initially, struck a populist tone, warning Zanu-PF it must address the country’s economic problems or risk losing the next elections as well as hammering the police for demanding bribes and harassing vendors.

But then she suddenly changed tack and used the rallies to savage Mujuru, accusing her of being lazy, incompetent and corrupt.

Going up a gear, Grace accused the vice president of plotting with allies in the party and cabinet to illegally topple President Mugabe.

On Saturday the newly minted Zanu-PF women’s league secretary explained why she turned on the embattled vice president.

“When the motion for my elevation was moved, it is not everyone who supported me. Amai Mujuru vakati pembe yapihwa benzi [Mujuru said a whistle has been given to a lunatic], but I was not moved by that.

“Just as a referee blows the whistle when a player fouls an opponent or is offside (in a football match), I started blowing the whistle for her as she was offside. I felt that the war credentials she possesses don’t give her impunity; that is not a licence for corruption and extortion,” said the President’s wife.

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