Police bar Zanu PF march after 54 year old youth leader Togarepi threatened to shut MDC out of Harare


Zanu-PF Harare Youth League has announced it will no longer hold its march tomorrow (Tuesday) as planned, but on Wednesday, a day after the MDC-T march.

This comes after the police had barred Zanu-PF from holding its “solidarity march” tomorrow citing the MDC-T’s own march in Harare at the same time, according to a statement by Zanu-PF Harare youth league leader Gomwe.

The Zanu-PF youth wing’s reaction follows an announcement by the MDC Alliance of a total shut down of the capital tomorrow in protest over the slow pace of electoral reforms.

Zanu-PF youth league leader Pupurayi Togarepi had said their patience with the “wailing opposition parties” that are scared of the elections was now running thin.

“If they want to shut down Harare, we will be forced to shut them out of Harare. The MDC must not interfere with independent bodies. Weren’t they part of the government that appointed Zec? As Zanu-PF, we cannot just fold our hands and watch them break the law and try to arm-twist Zec to pander to their whims,” said Togarepi, who is also a Zanu-PF politburo member.

Togarepi said, if provoked, the ruling party youths will fight back adding that the MDC was scared to death of the impending polls.

“They know that they have lost the elections and now they want to cause chaos. They are looking for an excuse and are jumping up and down to get the world’s attention but as the president has said, all countries are welcome to observe the elections,” he said.

Below is the full text of communication from Zanu Pf Chairperson Godwin Gomwe regarding the march.

04 Jun. 18


ZANU (PF) Harare Province Youth Statement on the Planned Peaceful March.

1. I am communicating with you all with regards to the solidarity march for peace that we had scheduled for tomorrow the 5th of June 2018. As a peaceful and law abiding Youth League we had taken precaution and sought police clearance for our solidarity march.
2. However, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has turned down our request for a police clearance citing that a certain political party had been granted permission prior to our application. As a leadership we automatically accepted and embraced this decision by the Police.
3. All bonafide members of ZANU PF are hereby instructed not to engage in any actions that may resemble a solidarity march tomorrow as such actions are not only illegal but are unsanctioned by your leadership.
4. Our planned solidarity march will be held on WEDNESDAY 6th JUNE same time same VENUE.
5. I take this opportunity to encourage all Zimbabweans to engage in peaceful and law abiding politics as we play our part in this new dispensation of mature politics. We urge as well, the ZRP to arrest without fear or favour all persons who breach the peace in our country.
6. To all ZANU PF cadres, let us keep campaigning peacefully and be vigilant in the face of a provocative opposition whose embrace of impending electoral defeat is unfounded attempts to discredit our elections without just cause. I thank you, Comradely yours

Cde Godwin Simbarashe Gomwe (0773219386)
Chairman Harare Province Youth League.

– Bulawayo24

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