The investigation against Harare preacher Walter Magaya in which he stands accused of sending his girlfriend Chipo Chakanyuka 'to be slaughtered in a Botswana jail' has taken a twist with a group of respected lawyers across the border vowing to investigate to the last drop of evidence after Magaya begged investigating journalists for mercy saying "please forgive me."
The legal experts have voiced they will soon come out into the public as soon they have concluded their inquiries in what they suspect was a botched assassination plot involving Tswana assailants, something which the Girl Child Network has also chipped in wanting to hear into it.

Walter Magaya was in September fingered by independent witnesses and the Chakanyuka family after their kin Chipo, Magaya's former girlfriend as per submissions, died while on church duty having been arrested following accusations she was in possession of diamonds in what was claimed to be suicide using a doek, but Chipo's corpse was found having no neck marks whatsoever to prove the hanging theory.

The latest police documents availed, show that police have found out the so called diamonds were actually fake stones and the automatic assumptions are now that they had been planted in order to incriminate the late Chipo Chakanyuka.

With the fake diamonds however were also 18 grams of gold Chipo was said to have been found in possession of. But a close Chakanyuka relative has made submissions that before death Chipo who was not even a gold trader being the PHD church's Chief Usher, had told her cousin via phone from jail in Botswana that she suspects a named PHD church staffer, was responsible for planting the gold into her bag before she left Harare for Botswana.

Another topical issue at the height of investigations is the head-cloth (doek) alleged to have been used by Chipo to commit suicide. Chipo's mother was denied access to this cloth and she was eventually forced to leave Botswana without it having yet demanding it be availed so that she is satisfied that suicide was committed by her daughter. Botswana prison officials have confirmed that they do not allow arrested suspects to enter the cells with such items like doeks, scarfes, belts, and they are further given prison clothes even while they are on remand.

The highly suspicious circumstances have attracted criticism from the Zimbabwe Girl Child Network organisation as pressure mounts on Magaya to speak out on what truly happened. Commented Girl Child Network boss, Betty Makoni, "on moral and ethical grounds we are hoping Prophet Magaya tells the world what happened to this young woman. Botswana is a country with a trusted police and we await the full story.

People with information on what happened to the deceased are asked to contact the organisation via Whatsapp number +447951522790. Said Makoni,

"Our group of women call upon anyone with information on Chipo to send to WhatsApp +447951522790. Meanwhile we appeal to everybody to donate to Chipo's children as one of the children is a baby. This case points to organised murder and so we are hoping more people will send us information in confidence. Be rest assured your name will be kept secret," said Makoni.

Begging for mercy

Mr Magaya in response to the probe is on record admitting to a local daily that he paid $6,000 towards her funeral costs.

"Why do you hate me, you The Zimbabwe Mail why do you hate me, yes I know that you hate me, every journalist in the country does not hate me but you the Zimbabwe Mail you hate me. I know that you are being used by someone and I know you will hate me to the last bone of your life. I know you are Pharisees and Sadducees.  I can't have an affair with someone and do miracles that I do.  I know I am not a God of man but I am a man of God. I can't do a sin and perform those miracles. I helped Chipo change her life; she was a stripper in beer halls and I helped her change her life. I have a video of her mother saying at the grave site that her daughter was into gold smuggling.

"If I have done anything wrong for you vanhu ve Zimbabwe Mail please forgive me," an emotionally charged Magaya said surrounded by his security guards, Pastor Max and Nyangoni at their Waterfalls church.

"I paid more than $6000 towards Chipo's funeral," he said.

Asked to comment on her daughter being a stripper, Tambudzayi hit back: "My daughter was never a stripper; he should name the beer hall where he saw her and say what he was doing there himself. He must know that he will never get away with this. He is just trying to get defence on his side, but there is God in heaven and he will never get away with it."

According to the aunt, Chipo went to Botswana with some church members on September 19, to buy church uniforms under the leadership of a certain Mai Nyangoni.

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