Woman falls asleep and wakes up to find prophet having se_x with her after drinking his 'holy' water


A self-styled Epworth prophet who rap_ed a 19-year-old woman during a cleansing ceremony will spend the next 14 years behind bars after he was found guilty of rap_e.

Regina Chinyanga, 31, was convicted of the rap_e charge after a full trial heard before Harare regional magistrate Temba Kuwanda.

Prosecutor Valerie Ngoma urged the court to impose a stiff penalty that would deter like-minded individuals from committing similar offences.

“The accused person took advantage of the trust bestowed upon him by the victim who looked up to him as a spiritual leader and the court should consider that offences of this nature are on the rise,” Ngoma said.

“He exposed her to the risk of contracting se_xually transmitted infections and a message ought to be sent that our courts do not condone such behaviour. A custodial sentence will meet the justice of this offence.”

Ngoma proved that on April 24 around 10 am, Chinyanga went to a certain hill near Ruwa River where he claimed he would remove evil spirits tormenting the woman.

When they arrived at the hill, Chinyanga took the woman under a Muhacha tree where the ritual would be conducted.

He then gave her a bottle of bitter water to drink and she felt dizzy before falling unconscious. The water was said to be 'holy'.

When she woke up Chinyanga was already having se_xual intercourse with her without the woman’s consent.

She realised that her dress had been lifted up to her breasts and underwear removed by Chinyanga.

Chinyanga immediately stopped having se_x with the woman fled from the scene.

An unidentified lady accompanied her home.

She also advised her mother about the incident and was accompanied to file a police report leading to Chinyanga’s arrest.

– DailyNews

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