Patrick apologises to Faith Mutema: My wife has suffered so much, she doesn't deserve all this


The cheating married woman, who hit headlines this week for paying her boyfriend for sex and sending photographs of her 'honey jar', has been pitied by people following the recording of her divorce proceedings by her husband's sisters.

Msasa Projects and Eternal Word Ministries International and family counsellor Pastor Lucia Gunguwo, popularly known as Mai Gunguwo, both condemned the act.

Mai Gunguwo urged the sisters who recorded the video to examine themselves and be realistic in life since they are women who can as well make mistakes.

"Patrick's sisters were supposed to value the kids that carry the name of their brother's surname before coming to their decision of humiliating another woman as if they never sinned. It is not that we condone Faith's actions, but it was important to let her go without publicising it on social media for her to maintain her dignity as the mother of their brother's children and find out the reason for her actions," she said.

"From the cases I handle, I discovered that men are into prostitution such that their small houses (girlfriends) or ladies they go out with are using charms that their manhood would would not erect when they are with their wives. Men please know that girlfriends are 'fixing you' so that you ditch your own wives. It is rare for a woman to pay for sex, according to reports published," she said.

"Many times we read about women cheating to get money to support children but in this case Faith was paying for sex to show that Patrick was sex-starving her. The sisters were supposed to get to the bottom of of the story and find ways of solving it other than doing what they did," she said.

Mai Gunguwo narrated the Biblical story found on John 8 verse 4 to 11 saying the woman caught in adultery was forgiven but her accusers were convicted of their conscience when Jesus asked them to stone the woman if among them there was one who had never sinned.

"Jesus dealt with the woman's issue privately, and told her not to sin again after her accusers had left in shame and by the same token, the sisters were not supposed to put it on social media as if they are holy," blasted Pastor Gunguwo.

"How will they feel when Patrick and Faith reunite? Even if Patrick is going to leave Faith, his next wife will come with a wrong perception towards Patrick's sisters and she will never get settled whenever she sees them holding their phones as she will suspect that they are recording her. I advise them to go to Faith and ask for forgiveness and restore their relationship for their own good and for the children she bore with their brother," said the marriage counsellor.

Musasa Project Program Officer, Nyasha Mazango, described Patrick as a coward by who engaged his sisters to settle his areas of weakness.

"Whenever you find a man who engages his mother or sisters to solve his marital problems, he is a coward since Faith's relatives are there to help as well. Prostitutes are increasing in the streets because they are getting clients and men must not undress women to cover up their weaknesses. Had it been Patrick who had been caught cheating, his sisters were not going to record but urge Faith to soldier on saying 'shinga muroora' (be resolute), but in this case, they have damaged their dignity forgetting that they are women who should not treat another woman as if she is not a human being," she said.

Patrick has reportedly apologised to Faith as he seems to have realised the mistake he made by allowing his sisters to shame his wife to that extent. Had he been of this mindset from the onset, he would not have exposed his wife to the whole world. After realising how terrible the situation has become after the recording, Patrick is now helping his wife not to commit suicide.

"I drove to where Faith is after she threatened to commit suicide and I am sure she has suffered enough that she does not deserve to be humiliated like that. Please help me to protect Faith from further damages. As we speak right now I am with her," said Patrick who has received an equal share of attacks from My Zimbabwe News readers.

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