Family members left in serious shock as man gets caught red-handed having se_x with father’s wife


IN what can be described as one of the most unusual love affairs which left villagers and family members in serious shock, a 25-year-old man was allegedly caught red-handed having se_x with his father’s wife.

The embarrassing scene took place at Mudzami Village under Huchu area in Gokwe, prompting Chief Nemangwe whose jurisdiction the area falls under to investigate.

Reports say Bubbingeon Musekiwa Ndaba was allegedly hoodwinked into the unholy relationship with his 67-year-old father Isaac Ndaba’s wife Naume Langson. The matter came to light when the two were caught by their niece Bongani Ncube allegedly having se_x on a river bed.

It is reported that before they were busted the two lovebirds were always using the bush to explore their raging hormones for which Bubbingeon had proved to Langson “a much better lover” than his father.

After busting them, Ncube reportedly alerted Isaac and it was then that the matter was brought before Chief Nemangwe for hearing.

It is alleged that after failing to buy Ncube’s silence, and in a bid to “fix “him, Langson lied to her husband that he (Ncube) once forced himself on her.

How it happened?

Bubbingeon said one afternoon, he was sleeping in his bedroom hut and because he was feeling hot and not expecting anyone to return home soon, he didn’t put on his pair of trousers.

While nake_d he suddenly slept off, but forgot to lock the door and Langson just came in unexpectedly. After seeing him nake_d, Bubbingeon claimed Langson must have been moved to a point that she couldn’t control her se_xual drive.

He said before he realised it, she was already on him and efforts to push her off failed, and subsequently they had se_x.

“After that afternoon se_x, she knelt down and begged me not to tell anybody saying my father was se_x starving her and that he was also not good in bed. After realising that I didn’t have underwear she also promised to buy me one as a token that I was good in bed,” Bubbingeon was quoted as having said.

I was se_x-starved, says Langson!

“What I did was no mistake and I think the only mistake I made was that I slept with my husband’s son. This is because I was not getting enough satisfaction from his father. It’s unfortunate, but that is the reality. I also don’t know how it happened, but my affair with Bubbingeon was out of frustration and I apologised to my husband and he forgave me”, Langson was also quoted as having shamelessly retorted.

Speaking to B-Metro Chief Nemangwe who presided over the matter described it as an abomination. He said initially Bubbingeon was disputing that he was caught bedding his father’s wife until Langson exposed him saying from all the occasions they had se_x she discovered that he was not wearing any underwear.

“Bubbingeon who was all along denying quickly changed his mind and confessed that it was true that he didn’t have any underwear and Langson had promised to buy him one apparently as a token for being good in bed. This was after the court requested him to undress, to see if it was true that he didn’t have any underwear,” said Chief Nemangwe.

Added Chief Nemangwe: “Despite the fact that his wife had openly confessed to bedding his son claiming he was not satisfying her, Ndaba still insisted that he still loves her”.


After admitting their “folly” and for putting the name of the area into disrepute, both Bubbingeon and Langson were fined a cow each. Bubbingeon was, however, further asked to “appease” his father with another beast as damages for dipping into his “se_xual well”.

– BMetro

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