‘2 reasons why President Mnangagwa will win 2018 elections’


Norton member of Parliament Temba Mliswa on Friday gave two reasons why he thinks President Mnangagwa will win the upcoming Zimbabwe election.

Said Mliswa, “I’ve stated 2 reasons why ED’ll win the election. 1. Minority vote 2. Business community&3 is the indigenous middle class in Zim which belonged to MDC&has moved to ED like it or not. Most interestingly people already know who they’ll vote for as Pres, MP&Councillor. That’s good.”


On other tweets, Mliswa said.

“These cracks don’t augur well when going towards elections as it’s the time to consolidate. What Ncube’s saying is contrary to what Chamisa’s saying&Biti’s yet to comment. It has an effect on the electorate&what’ll happen. It’s easier to solve internal issues when you’re 1 family

“Unfortunately the Alliance didn’t seem to do its due diligence. I’ve always said that there’s no alliance BEFORE an election. It’ll only come about AFTER elections when you see how strong one is. Already there’s cracks in the Alliance. They were there in MDC&now in Alliance

“I agree with Eddie Cross when he said that the current election environment is the best in the last 54years. ED will be rewarded for creating such a scenario. It’s remarkable for Zim.

“The marked reduction in incidences of violence this election is applauded. Historically ZRP would be overactive, hospitals full&people living in fear/leaving rural areas to live with relatives in towns&cities. It’s hard to believe there’s an election next month. Positive progress.”

– Bulawayo24

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