A Warren Park man was reportedly caught red-handed by his wife having sex with another woman in their matrimonial house after she suddenly returned home from where she was staying after their separation.

Raymond Murove whose surname's meaning adds up to violence  and resides at House No. 79 3rd Road in Warren Park is said to have been caught, busy like a rabbit, 'sexing' another woman on his matrimonial bed by his own wife. Murove's small house who was said to be stark naked, screaming in sexual pleasure is said to have quickly pulled Raymond's 'anaconda' out of her 'sexual tunnel' or sperm drainage system, whatever you call it, dressed herself up and held her red underwear in her hands before she ran for her dear life, leaving Raymond to face the music alone, with her 'disturbed joystick' drooping human seeds like a leaking pot.

Irked by seeing her own husband sexercising horizontal gymnastics while on top of another woman, Mitchell is said to have grabbed her husband by his anaconda, and interrogated him over his actions.

The 40-year-old, who could not handle the most embarrassing moment, however resorted to violence and thoroughly bashed his wife as punishment for suddenly returning home without giving a stern notice.

They say love is blind, but one wonders why a 40 year old man would marry a 20-year-old woman and still cheat on her. However, the cheated 20-year-old Mitchell lodged a complaint of assault at the police, leading to Murove's arrest.

He was taken to Harare magistrates' court where he was charged with physical abuse. The 40-year-old man who has reportedly married several times partially pleaded guilty to the offence. He disputed the manner in which he assaulted his wife, who is young enough to be his own daughter and the nature of the injuries when he appeared before magistrate Takunda Mutetwa.

"I admit to the charges but I dispute the manner in which I allegedly assaulted her. I just slapped her and pushed her out of the house. The swollen eye is not as a result of the assault but it has growth problems," he said.

The incident reportedly took place last week in 19 December just before 8pm.

Murove is expected to be back in court on 5 January for trial continuation. He is out of court on US$50 bail.

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