3 thugs force-march man to his home and take turns to rap_e his wife while he watches


THREE unknown assailants attacked, forced-marched a man to his home and took turns to rap_e his wife without protection before robbing him of $150 in Esigodini, police have confirmed.

The 45-year-old man (name withheld) of Low Density Suburb was attacked while on his way from work at around 8PM on Wednesday.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident.

He said the suspects were still at large.

“I can confirm we received a report of a case of rap_e and robbery. The three unidentified assailants were armed with stones, axe handles and knives.

“They attacked a 45-year-old man, assaulted him as they pursued him to his house where upon arrival the trio forced him to open the doors at knife-point.

“They manhandled him as they woke up his wife (42) and took turns to rap_e her before demanding cash. They got away with $150 that was stashed in the couple’s suitcases,” he said.

Insp Ndebele appealed to members of the public that may have any information concerning the suspects to contact their nearest police station.

A source that preferred anonymity said the victim was coming from his workplace, a local night club, when the trio pounced on him.

“They attacked him with stones and chased after him until they caught him. They force-marched him to his home and forced him to open the doors.

“Once inside, they manhandled him at knife-point while one of them walked to his bed where he rap_ed his wife. They all took turns to rap_e her while her helpless husband who had a knife pointed to his throat, sadly watched on,” said the source.

The source said the robber went on to demand all the money that they had in their house and the couple produced the $150 that was stashed in the bags.

“The quickly left the house and fled into darkness. The couple reported the matter and police attended the scene. No arrests have been made so far,” said the source.

— Chronicle

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