Winky D 'endorses' MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa: 'Tombomira kusimbisana pakuda shanduko'


Dancehall star Winky D has released a cheeky political statement challenging the current political status quo through a single titled Parliament, which found its way to the internet on Friday morning.

Known for subtle socio-political commentary in songs like 25 and Dzemudanga released in 2016 and last year respectively, the nifty lyricist pairs the Elders Riddim with clearer political sentiments.

Within 2 minutes 55 seconds of the song produced by T-man of Mt Zion Records, the Gafa as Winky D is affectionately known, hints that the country needs a change of political players as it heads towards harmonised polls on July 30.

“PaGhetto tateketera panematsutso, mazhinji vanenge marechera Dambudzo,” Winky D metaphorically says the youths in the ghetto are suffering because of the same political players who bring the problems (Dambudzo) an ironic reference to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s middle name.

Winky D lamented the idea of allying with political party ideologies.

“Vamwe vati ita chiIndependent candidate. Hapachadi zvema pato pakuda solo zhet, Tombomira kusimbisana pakuda shanduko,” he sang suggesting a “Zambuko (crossover)”.

The song, which already has thousands of views on his winkyonline YouTube channel and other online platforms, is generating interest, especially from seeming MDC Alliance sympathisers who feel the hook “Gafa chete chete” resonates with their election tagline “Chamisa Chete Chete”.

The idea is not far-fetched though as one would wonder why Winky D deliberately used Gafa Chete Chete in a political sphere currently pervaded by multiple slogans, including the ruling Zanu PF’s ED Pfee.

“Subtle endorsement #CCC,” noted Livingstone Masango in the comments section.

One Mumford Chinzou said the multi-award winner was representing the majority of struggling youths.

“I respect you, Ninja President. You are the voice of the ghetto yuts [youths] from day one up to now. you shun bootlicking, but say it as it is,” he said.

Some had cautionary messages warning the talented musician against dabbling in politics.

“He is an artiste, a very crafty one for that matter and he knows better than to become a politician and risk dividing his fan base. He has to tread carefully though, for he is now treading on thin ice. Many have lost their lives for the same cause,” was Quintessential Martin’s message.

Winky D has over the years positioned himself as the mouthpiece for the less privileged that stay in the ghettos, but has consistently maintained undertones when it comes to politics.

His latest song is in the same dish as Chimurenga music legend Thomas Mapfumo’s Chauya Chauya and Jnr Maskiri’s (Tronnixx) Garwe Ngaridzokere Mumvura.

Of late, musicians have been finding their voices in the political sphere, which was for long a no-go area, which attracted state repression resulting in critiquing musicians like Mapfumo going into exile.

– The Standard

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