Free & Fair Elections Fight: Nelson Chamisa threatens massive demos that have never been seen before


MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa has threatened to lead massive demos that have never been seen before if the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission does not give in to his party’s demands for electoral reforms.

Mr Chamisa was speaking at the party’s star rally at White City Stadium in Bulawayo yesterday. He said he would not waste his time approaching the courts of law, which he said will be a futile attempt, instead he will take to the streets to force Zec and the Government to give in to demands for a free and fair vote.

“I heard President Mnangagwa saying that if I have any grievances whatsoever I should go to the courts, I won’t go there, instead we will go to the people and we will discuss the issues in the court of public opinion, let the people decide. We are not joking, we insist and I assure you what we used to do at university we can do times 10, asifuni bumbulu, we want proper elections. Mnangagwa is now afraid of me because I have shown him that I am resolute,” said Mr Chamisa.

He said their main bone of contention was regarding the printing of the ballot paper, which Zec recently claimed had completed. He said as a party they were pushing for a reprint as they were not satisfied that the current ballot paper was authentic.

“We don’t want a fake ballot paper, we want a ballot paper which is genuine and authentic. Zec just told us from nowhere that they had printed the ballot paper, from where by who and how? I met with the Elders led by Kofi Annan and told them some of our grievances. On Monday I am meeting with Sadc and I will be telling them our concerns.

“I have told my team that we have to make sure that the ballot paper is reprinted, we don’t care whether there is now little time till 30 July. The least which we can agree on is to test batch by batch and after testing it, we will be part of the security details guarding it until voting day, worse still we would also push for a change on the colour of pen to be used when voting, if we were meant to vote using blue pens we would rather shift to red,” said Mr Chamisa.

He further threatened that he had the power to call on his supporters to shut down both Harare and Bulawayo just to force the Government to give in to their demands.

“We are not going to shake at all, we have made it clear that we will stage a vigil and that vigil is on. Come Tuesday when I have a meeting with Zec, when they don’t give in to our demands that means all hell will break loose. What we are demanding is our constitutional right and we have the numbers, right now when I say shut down Bulawayo, the whole of Bulawayo will be shut down, when I say shut down Harare, and Harare will indeed be shut down,” he said.

Meanwhile, in his address Mr Chamisa also promised to roll out policies that Mnagagwa's government hijacked from his party.

Some of these policies include a confess and surrender period where he would give individuals six months to confess and surrender money and property they got through corrupt activities.

When President Mnangagwa took over office he gave corrupt individuals a 90-day amnesty to surrender the assets without facing any prosecution. He further extended it by two weeks after nothing was brought back.

Chamisa won the hearts of the Matabeleland electorate after he said when his Government gets into power, he would implement devolution of power so that each and every province should now be self sufficient.

– SundayMail

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