Former President Mugabe wishes Nelson Chamisa well, urges Zimbabweans to use the ballot box to reject military rule


Former president, Cde Robert Mugabe has told reporters and the nation during a press statement that the military has now taken control of Zimbabwe and Zanu-PF. He is optimistic that the opposition and it’s army of voters will use the ballot box to reject the ‘bullet box’ that has enabled security forces to violate the constitution by takeover of Zanu PF and government institutions.

While responding to questions, Mugabe made it clear that he is not going to vote for neither Joice Mujuru, his former Deputy President nor Thokozani Khupe, a former Deputy Prime Minister in the inclusive government because these two ladies are not common. “They don’t have much to offer,” Mugabe said.

Instead, Mugabe said the only person left to vote for is Chamisa whom he said has done very well so far judging by his rallies.

Below is part of his statement:

I was sacked from a party I founded. Now there is harassment, violence and brutality against people. If the coup was to protect me how come I am now treated as an enemy.

Why Kasukuwere, Moyo, Chombo and others are still suffering persecution at the hands of Mnangagwa and the military?

On the coming elections people say what is your choice, but they did not say what is not your choice.

I can not vote for those who tormented me(Zanu-PF), Nelson Chamisa seems to be doing well. Whoever wins, and if he(Chamisa) does I wish him well. But i hope the vote will reform and thrust away military from government and bring us to constitutionality we must have a democratic constitution that is what we fought for.

The people’s need, the people’s freedom first and foremost.

People are terribly frightened because they send us messages daily. How can we come and see you because we are afraid. This is done by people we worked with in the struggle.

Now the gun is directing politics.

NO NO NO..I say NO NO.

Let tomorrow decide there should be a big NO to gun directing politics. Let people say we shall never experience again when the army is used to kill people. A number of people died in the coup. We shall investigate that.

Tomorrow’s election should bring freedom otherwise we shall see the return of the same rule we have experienced since November, 2017.

I say we are advanced, congratulations to whoever, whichever party wins the day and let us accept that verdict.

Let’s pray tomorrow brings good news.

I believe good news is we get our freedom back, we get our democracy back. Let’s thrust away the hypocrisy so we can say that November military coup is now history.

Robert Mugabe, former President of Zimbabwe.

– ZW

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