Woman in trouble after accusing Mutsvangwa of being a pr0stitute


ACCUSING a colleague of being involved in pr0stitution has landed a Chiweshe woman in trouble after she was hauled before a traditional court under Chief Makope.

She however got off with a light sentence after the complainant refused compensation.

Ndaizivei Chijabvu got off the hook after she had claimed that her neighbour, Nunurai Mutsvangwa, with whom she did some vending, was a pr0stitute.

During the court hearing, Mutsvangwa’s husband, Musekiwa Tarubva, demanded that Chijabvu provide evidence for her claims.

The court heard that Chijabvu used to come to Tarubva’s house every Sunday morning while the couple was still in bed, disturbing their privacy.

“The accused was in the habit of visiting the couple every Sunday in their bedroom and would sit at the corner of a bed, disturbing their privacy, hence the couple accused her of having ulterior motives,” Makope told NewsDay.

Chijabvu allegedly started spreading malicious rumours that Tarubva was asking for se_xual favours.

The trio ended up going for a counselling session in the village.

“The court found Chijabvu guilty of lust after lack of evidence on se_x allegations. I then asked what Tarubva wanted as compensation for Chijabvu’s shenanigans, but he said since they are neighbours, a warning would suffice,” Makope said.

Makope urged people to be content with their partners so as to avoid cases of infidelity.

— NewsDay

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