Fracas as woman fails to satisfy husband in bed after ‘sleeping with goblins’


THEY have been married for 40 years and only God knows why Obert Mhlanga accuses his wife Beatrice Mhlanga of being a witch who sleeps with goblins.

These accusations have taken away the woman’s peace giving her sleepless nights forcing her to seek help.

Trouble for the 60-year-old woman started the minute she failed to satisfy her husband in bed.

“I have a problem with my womb and feel pain whenever we have se_x. Whenever I refuse, he says I am a pr0stitute and that I sleep with goblins.

“My husband insults me calling me a witch and accuses me of wanting to kill him,” said the woman.

She further revealed that he was emotionally torturing her with his endless accusations as at times he also called her a pr0stitute.

“He also accuses me of having extra marital affairs and whenever we have small misunderstandings, he assaults me.

“He always assaults me for no apparent reason and it hurts me so much. I beg this court to reprimand him and we live in peace like adults.”

In response, Mhlanga only chose to respond partly and ignored the issue of calling his wife a witch and that she sleeps with goblins.

“It is not true that I assault her,” he said. When the presiding magistrate Stephen Ndlovu asked him what would make his wife plot to tell lies against him, he said he did not know her intentions.

An interim order was confirmed and the elderly couple was referred for counseling.

— BMetro

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