PLEASE HELP: I’m 22 and worried that I’ll never have a boyfriend


Hello Aunty Lisa

I’m 22, I’ve never had a boyfriend, and something tells me I never will.

Recently my best friend, who I’ve known since kindergarten, met someone – her first boyfriend ever.

‘m happy for her, but it has made me realise how lonely I actually am. I don’t like showing my emotions because in my family emotions are regarded as a weakness.

People around me think I’m heartless because I always have a stone face no matter what, but on the inside I feel happiness, pain and pleasure like any normal person.

I think this lack of emotion on the outside probably makes people from the opposite se_x not want to be with me because I’ll never giggle like an idiot just to make a guy think he’s funny.

The only one who can “read” my emotions is my best friend. I was tested at school and they said I have a higher than normal IQ.

I love reading, I love learning new things, and I’ll never fake not knowing something just so another person can tell me about it.

This pushes people away from me – they think I’m rude and just won’t talk to me. No one knows how hollow and lonely I am. I think I’m going through a depression or something, because I’m always angry and I’ve stopped laughing.

I haven’t laughed out loud in months. Please don’t tell me: “Think positive!”

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