Drama as man who was born without a pen_is collapses after having se_x for the first time


He spent five days in a coma in hospital.

Andrew Wardle, who had se_x for the first time at the age of 45 after being fitted with a £50,000 bionic pen_is collapsed unconscious at home just a few days later.

He was rushed to hospital.

Andrew Wardle and his girlfriend Fedra Fabian before the operation ~ Daily Mail

Daily Mail reports that Wardle, who was born without a pen_is, finally had se_x for the first time last week, aged 45, after being fitted with a £50,000 ‘bionic pen_is’

A few days later he collapsed unconscious on the floor at home and was found by his girlfriend.

He remained unconscious for five days and is now having his gall bladder taken out via keyhole surgery.

Wardle underwent an intensive 10-hour operation to fit the bionic pen_is which he has described as ‘ridiculously big’.

The publication said his return to hospital is nothing to do with his pen_is operation but means another operation after a string of invasive procedures.

It is now three months since Andrew underwent the third stage of his £50,000 phalloplasty – or penile implant –at University College London’s Hospital.

He had an erecti0n for ten days before the implant was deflated and had se_x for the first time earlier this month.

Andrew has spent his life in and out of hospital but it was only in 2012 – when he was 39 – that he was finally thrown a lifeline.

Publicist Barry Tomes told MailOnline: ‘He had a fever for days and was vomiting. They thought he had a neurovirus.

— DailyMail

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