Brawl as man demands refund from pr0stitute over ‘poor’ service


POPULAR Mutare socialite-cum-se_x-worker and her client were on Sunday night arrested for disorderly conduct after they fought in public following a misunderstanding over the se_x worker’s poor services.

Colleta Zhou (29), and her client, Tapiwa Kwesha (33) were both arraigned before Mutare Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday facing disorderly conduct charges.

The pair appeared before Magistrate Lazarus Murendo who convicted them on their guilty pleas and ordered them to fork out $30 each in fines or risk 10 days imprisonment.

They were being charged with Disorderly Conduct as defined in Section 41 (b) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.

Mr Fletcher Karombe prosecuted.

In his mitigation, Kwesha told the court that after hiring Zhou for her se_x services and paying $10, he was not satisfied with the poor services that he received and the meagre environment in which he was expected to get the services in.

He said the services he was offered were not worth his class as he is an upper class guy.

“The room was not worth my upper class standards and I backed out before we even did anything. There were cond0ms all over the room and the room was so unkempt. I did not even want her services anymore when I entered the room because it was so untidy. I could not even smell in the dirty room.

“I asked her for my money back, my $10 which I had already paid her beforehand since she had told me that she does not give her se_xual services without being paid beforehand. She refused and threw $3 at me stating that she did not pay back disgruntled clients.

‘‘The misunderstanding arose then because I wanted my money back because I had not been offered the services I had paid for,” he told the court.

Meanwhile, Zhou insisted that her room was clean and that she had only been given $3 which she returned to Kwesha when he asked for it.

“Your Worship, we met and he decided to hire me for my se_x services. I told him that for a short time, he had to pay $10. He said he only had $3 which was way less than I charge and so we agreed that he would pay me the remaining $7 via an Ecocash transfer after my services.

“We proceeded to a lodge where I rent a room so that we could have se_x. When we got into my room, he gave me the $3 cash and told me that the Ecocash transfer would be done after service and I refused because I knew he wanted to get my services for $3 only of which they were not worth that small amount,” she said.

She claimed that he then grabbed her neck shouting that she was disrespecting him yet she was the one who wanted money.

“Out of anger, I took his clothes and shoes which he had since removed and threw them out of my room and handed him his $3 back.

She said he went out to put on his clothes and when she went out later he was waiting for her outside, grabbed her neck and accused her of stealing his $7, claiming that he had paid her the full $10 in advance..

“I then proceeded downstairs together with my friend Dadirai and Kwesha’s friend who had also hired Dadirai for her se_x services and that is when Kwesha elbowed me on my mouth,” said Zhou.

“He threatened to kill her claiming that he had been trained to kill. He assaulted her with fists several times on her neck to which she bit him on his chest.

‘‘After the fight, Kwesha followed Zhou to a city club, where he started shouting 0bscenities to her, which led to the pair’s arrest,” said Mr Karombe.

— Manica Post

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