FRESH DETAILS: Wits University student committed suicide after being dumped by top football player (PICS)


A Wits University student, Kago Moeng, yesterday committed suicide by jumping from the 6th floor of a student residence in Braamfontein, Johannesburg on Saturday night.

It’s alleged that she had threatened to commit suicide before.

Gauteng police spokesperson Kay Makhubele says, “A 19-year-old girl who was a student at Wits threw herself out of the window from 6th floor in Braamfontein where she died instantly. The motive of the incident at the moment is unknown, but a case has been opened.”

However, fresh details have emerged alleging that she had reportedly been dumped by her married boyfriend who is a top football player.

“She told her boyfriend that she had missed her periods, that is when things started going bad. Her boyfriend started claiming that she was cheating on him because he can’t impregnate a woman. He tried dumping her and reiterated that he was a married man and would never get married to Cuzziie (Kago’s nickname),” said a source.

We have withheld the name of the boyfriend for legal reasons as efforts to contact him have so far proved futile since his phone number is not reachable.

Meanwhile, friends of Kago Moeng, the 19-year old Wits student who jumped to her death from the sixth floor of her residence on Saturday night say she had tried to hang herself two weeks ago.

When the second-year student told friends she was going to jump from the Blackburn South Point in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, some tried to talk her out of it while others accused her of seeking attention. A fellow resident at the building said the whole ordeal took two hours. “Most people were asking why we were panicking because she had done this before and her friends had gotten her down before so they will do it again.

They said that she had always been suicidal but she was perceived as attention seeking,” she said. She said that she rushed downstairs to try to talk to Moeng from there. “On my way down someone shouted that she had already jumped and when I got there I saw her body lying there. “There were too many people who witnessed the incident but what makes me angry is that emergency services were not even called in time and I feel like as students we are not equipped to deal with such situations. “This is not the first suicide to happen at South Point and I feel that both South Point and Wits should assist in training us to know how to deal with such situations,” she said.

“South Point has not spoken to us or even offered some kind of counselling, this is their residence and they should do something,” she said. A security guard who was on duty during the incident said Moeng had a fight earlier with her boyfriend. The guard also claimed that the teenager had tried to kill herself before.

“I saw her in a heated argument with her boyfriend and I told them to calm down and not fight. During the day she was seen by my colleagues sitting outside having a smoke. She looked a bit stressed,” he said. Moeng was described by some as an activist who was strong and bubbly. “Something had gone terribly wrong for her to commit suicide. She was not someone who would not seek other avenues for help, I feel like all of us who knew her failed her in a way,” a close friend said.

“Seeing Kago’s lifeless body and her hand flopped on the curb, blood gushing, flowing down the streets, will forever haunt me,” another friend said.

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