Akanakirwa neni, ini ndakanakirwawo naye: ‘Chatunga’ and Zoey club saga takes new twist as Zoey vows to provide V11 forms


POPULAR pole dancer, Zoey insists the person she charmed at a Pretoria nightclub is Chatunga, son to the former First family of Robert and Grace Mugabe.

In an exclusive interview with H-Metro on Sunday, Zoey claimed she had charmed Chatunga as she performed at Savoy VIP Lounge where he was part of the crowd.

However, Chatunga laughed at Zoey’s claims saying she hit on a guy who looks like him adding that he was not even in the South African capital.

Chatunga took a page of H-Metro and went on Instagram laughing:

“I am sooo dead. So, this girl hits on this guy and gets with him thinking it’s me. And the guy went with it, I wasn’t even in the city bro. The dressing is what’s killing me, and the confidence in the “I charmed”,” said Chatunga.

However, Zoey insists she had a date with Chatunga who is (allegedly) a regular at the night spot in question.

“I insist. I still maintain my position, I charmed him. I will return to South Africa soon and he is a regular at that place, I will prove to you. I saw his post about the story, I wouldn’t want to appear as if I’m fighting him,” said Zoey.

She added that she will soon provide concrete evidence to support her claims.

“I also feel it’s not proper for me to come out supporting my claims as well, it ends up being a fight and I don’t think I am prepared for that.

“If he insists it’s his look alike, that’s his word and I maintain my word. I was performing at the club and know what transpired.

“The good thing is I hold shows in South Africa on a number of occasions. I will get convincing evidence that no one will deny if those pics are not good enough. No further comments.”

In an interview on Sunday, Zoey said Chatunga could not resist her and met at the backstage where they ‘clicked’ and posed for some photos.

“Those photos were taken during my show in Pretoria. I charmed him and we had to pose for photos at the back stage,” she said.

Zoey said she is always good on stage and leaves a lot of men drooling whenever she invades the stage adding that it only took ‘courageous men like Chatunga’ to come out in the open and confess.

“This has been a trend to most of my shows as some men request to see me after the performances and I don’t even know their intentions. He (Chatunga) is one of them.

Zoey said she could not resist Chatunga as well.

“It’s not like the issue is one sided here. I think I am also a victim. Iye akanakirwa neni, ini ndakanakirwawo naye,” she said.

– HMetro

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