Zimbabwe GNU latest: MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa demands Vice Presidency, Finance and Home Affairs Ministries


MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa has said that he will consider working with the ZANU PF governemnt only if he is made the third Vice President of the country and his party given the ministries of finance, home affairs, local government & three other ministries.

The party rubbished state media reports that Chamisa was instead demanding for a Prime Minister position.

In a media interview the MDC-T spokesperson Tabitha Khumalo said reports in the state owned newspaper were merely a tactic by the ruling Zanu PF party.

“The sad part about the politics of Zimbabwe is that for some unknown reason, they think that negotiations are done in public.

“We do not rely on newspapers and the Zanu PF leader (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) knows our channels of communication.”

Zimbabwe Eye is reliably informed that Chamisa has told emissaries that he wants six cabinet positions as well as the creation of a third vice presidency for him, as conditions for a coalition government with the ruling Zanu PF.

Khumalo said her party leader has never engaged anyone for negotiations. She also said the announcement of the creation of a parliamentary position for the leader of the opposition held no interest for MDC Alliance.

“Zanu PF has no right to downgrade our president to a legislature and over and above that we won this election, so as far as we are concerned it is a non-event,” she said.

She also criticised Mnangagwa for making the announcement of the leader of the opposition position without direct dialogue with Chamisa.

“That is poor management of his (Mnangagwa’s) affairs because honestly if that is what he wanted, you need to negotiate with the president before you make a decision, we were never consulted,” she said.

Khumalo said the current economic climate reflected illegitimacy of the 2018 harmonised elections.

“When a country goes to an election the results are going to be confirmed by the service and delivery of goods and services within the country.

So I am sure you are aware that when Mnangagwa came in everything went sliding, the bond note has gone haywire, as I am speaking today US$100 equals to 300 bond notes and we have horrible fuel queues,” she said.

Senior government sources said Mnangagwa has, however, declined to grant Chamisa’s demands saying he won the elections and if the opposition is not co-operating then Zanu PF can go it alone.

“Mnangagwa will not hand over powerful cabinet posts to the opposition. He won the elections and has more than two thirds majority in parliament so Zanu PF can still soldier on alone,” said the source.

— Zimbabwe Eye

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