Chaos as wife grabs prophet’s testicles and violently squeezes them after he tried to dump her


A PROPHET from Bulawayo is likely to undergo surgery after his enraged wife; upset that he was allegedly cheating on her, grabbed his testicles and squashed them hard in her grip for sometime.

Lovemore Malunga claimed he nearly died in the agonising grip of his wife Phephelaphi Dube after she grabbed his testicles and violently squeezed them following a domestic dispute.

Malunga told a Bulawayo court where he was seeking a restraining order against his wife saying during a scuffle she (Dube) lunged for his crotch, grabbed his testicles and squeezed them until he collapsed.

“My wife Phephelaphi Dube is physically and emotionally abusing me. She is constantly hurling insults at me. Whenever we have an argument she hits me and pulls my private parts and that will be painful.

“After the latest attack my testicles were so swollen that I couldn’t walk. The pain is still unbearable and I am afraid that I might end up undergoing surgery. She also tore my clothes and she verbally abuses our eight-year-old daughter,” Malunga complained.

Malunga further said he had since deserted their matrimonial home because of his wife’s violent behaviour of pulling his testicles whenever they had an argument.

Dube, however, defended her violent actions saying she would be acting in self-defence.

“I’m tired of his irresponsible behaviour. He is a prophet and makes a lot of money but he spends it on women. Despite the fact that he is making a lot of money he has nothing to his name. He loves women a lot. He moved out of the house to stay with one of his girlfriends and he is bragging that he is no longer coming back.

“He can’t dump me like that. Just imagine for the 23 years we had been married he didn’t even pay lobola. If he no longer loves me he should take me back to my parents,” angrily responded Dube.

Malunga, however, laughed off his wife’s infidelity accusations saying her violent behaviour was the one which pushed him out of their matrimonial home.

The presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya granted a reciprocal order in which he ordered both parties not to verbally, physically and emotionally abuse each other.

The magistrate also ordered Dube not to stop her husband from leaving the matrimonial home if he wishes to do so, adding that once he vacates he should not come back without her consent.

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