Disaster as man breaks leg and arm in suicide bid after catching wife red-handed having sex with workmate


A 44-YEAR-OLD man from Nkayi broke his arm and leg in a failed suicide bid after he caught his wife in bed with another man.

Mr Sylvanos Hope of Zinwa compound in Nkayi allegedly caught his wife Judith Sibanda (33) in their matrimonial bed with her colleague Mr Elvis Nyoni (38) on October 13 and decided to end his life.

Sibanda and Nyoni are both employed by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development.

Mr Hope attempted to commit suicide two days later by jumping from a three metre high water tank.

He fell and broke his arm and leg.

Residents rushed to the scene and took him to Nkayi District Hospital where he was admitted.

The matter was reported to the police.

Reached for comment, Mr Hope told The Chronicle that he had been discharged and was recovering at his family’s home in Bulawayo, but he was still in pain.

Mr Hope said he had for some time been suspecting that his wife and her colleague were having an affair after finding them together in his home on many occasions.

He said when he confronted his wife, she said they were just colleagues, only for him to find them in bed on October 13.

“I had always suspected my wife was cheating on me with Nyoni although she denied the allegations. On that night l found the two cosy on our matrimonial bed,” said Mr Hope.

He said on that day, he passed through a bar for a beer drink after work as he usually does and went home after 9PM.

“After catching the two in bed, I grabbed my wife and assaulted her while Nyoni fumbled for his clothes and fled naked,” said Mr Hope.

He said two days later, he felt he could not stomach the deceit and decided to kill himself.

“After having a few drinks on October 16, I went outside our house and climbed onto a three metre water tank and jumped to the ground,” Mr Hope said.

A neighbour who preferred anonymity said they knew that Mr Hope’s wife was cheating on him but could not tell him for fear of destroying his marriage.

“We knew about this affair but considering Mr Hope’s temper, no one had the guts to approach and tell him.

“We knew he was bound to catch them because they had gotten too comfortable.

“Nyoni deserved a thorough beating because cheating is one issue but for him to do it in another man’s bed is something else. That was too much disrespect,” said the resident.

— Chronicle

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