‘Two coffins’ apostle Talent Chiwenga fires back at VP Chiwenga: I stand by what I said


In a video circulating on social media, a defiant Apostle Chiwenga was adamant he stood by his beliefs, adding that the country’s former military boss was not suited for the country’s highest office.

“I stand with what I said about the Vice President. I believe that he is not fit to lead this country,” he said.

The outspoken Jesus Revelation Ministries preacher said he was not trying to fan any hatred towards his powerful relative adding that he respected Chiwenga’s appointment as the country’s number two.

“…He is our Vice President and I love him because he is my brother.

“Being a brother to him doesn’t mean it should silence me from airing my views,” he said.

Apostle Chiwenga said the VP, instead of making public rants against his prophesies, should have been humble enough to consult him to seek some understanding what “God” had said about his fate.

“If he wanted to know what God’s message regarding him as a Vice President was, he should have given me the opportunity to discuss it,” he said.

The controversial prophet further said he could not challenge the VP as he was very young in the physical realm of life, but when it came to spiritual matters, Chiwenga must also not look down upon him.

“The Vice President must also understand that as young as I am, I serve the God of Heaven and when it comes to my office as an apostle, my age in my body no longer matters and if God chooses me to correct Chiwenga and he (VP) believes that he had credentials that make people fear him, he is sadly mistaken,” said the preacher.

Apostle Chiwenga also said he was prepared to die for what he has said to the VP because if he did not say it as it was, he was going to face problems.

“I am willing to die for what I have said as a preacher of the gospel because I know the consequences that await me,” he said.

Chiwenga, who usually predicts major events in the country last month made headlines when he gave a prophecy saying he saw two important people dying in quick succession in Zimbabwe, which will have an impact on the future.

“I see two coffins, coffins that will bring this country to a standstill. People right now have people they have in mind that they think are dying, but I see people surprised, saying ‘we thought this one was in good health, what happened?’

“One person is being buried and preparations are being made to go and pick up the second body for burial,”

Chiwenga, who leads Jesus Revelation Ministries, said this in his prophecy delivered during a Sunday service on September 16 and posted on YouTube on September 18.

Apostle Chiwenga, previously foretold the death of former MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster.

In the same prophecy on Mugabe’s exit, he said his successor would be an interim leader and would rule for a “very short time”.

— NewZimbabwe

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