Acie Lumumba who was fired from Finance Ministry after exposing corrupt RBZ bosses reveals next move


Acie Lumumba says his sacking from the ministry of Finance is a blessing in disguise as he will be able to open the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) can of worms without fear.

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube recently appointed Lumumba to chair a communications task force but sacked him after three days on the job.

During his three-day tenure, Lumumba exposed four officials on social media for alleged illegal forex trading at the RBZ. Soon after his rant on social media, the RBZ suspended the four officials.

In another social media live video on Tuesday night, Lumumba told his viewers on Facebook that he got fired after Ncube realised that he will be limited to expose corrupt officials if he stays in the ministry of Finance.

“I didn’t get fired because Ncube doesn’t like me, I got fired because he actually realised that I am more efficient to you when I’m outside of the ministry.

“Now that I am outside I can talk about what I have seen and not worry about getting fired,” he said.

“I can now tell you some secrets about what’s happening in the country because my eyes have seen,” he added.

Lumumba said he is going to publish a list with all of the people who are stealing at RBZ and at other government parastatals.

“Now that I am outside we can talk about a couple of things, but I also left some friends on the inside that are still going to assist,” he said.

Lumumba absolved RBZ governor John Mangudya and Ncube from corrupt tendencies citing that the two are actually working on uprooting corruption at the central bank.

“I said Mangudya is not a thief because he inherited an institution that Gideon Gono, the former RBZ governor, created.

“I’m still investigating and I will tell you if Mangudya is corrupt. Ncube is surrounded by animals, so every time you attack him understand that he is the guy with the single best plan,” he said.

He said a thorough audit has to be done at RBZ because some officials at RBZ have taken properties belonging to the bank to their houses.

Lumumba added that businesses are unable to trade because their foreign currency is being held hostage by the central bank and Ncube as Finance minister is dealing with the situation.

— DailyNews

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