Grace Mugabe’s ex husband Stanley Goreraza attacks President Mnangagwa


In civilized countries, a civilized President does not leave his country in the midst of a severe crisis like the one in Zimbabwe. On the other side of the same coin, a President on a foreign visit will cut it short to return home on reports of a crisis unfolding back home.

But not in Africa and certainly not in Zimbabwe.

In advanced countries, a President personally addresses the nation on a developing crisis, in the middle of the crisis and at the end of the crisis, spelling out how that crisis will be avoided in future.

In Zimbabwe we are addressed by Acie Lumumba on Facebook. Lumumba becomes both the President and Minister of Finance because he has a pair of those things that make him a man. I think it would be better if Lumumba was the President. He would tackle the crisis head on, taking no prisoners.

The President had time to fly to Zambia to celebrate that country’s Independence. How insensitive and detached. The house is on fire and he goes next door for a cup of tea! Wow!

He is completely out of touch. His deputy is throwing pity parties at his homestead in Hwedza, where he threatens a few clergy and goes on and on about his illness and of course the war. His favorite subject. After that he is pictured in dirty waters, getting baptized as Zimbabwe burns on.

If the President and his carefree deputies decided to step down, we would not mention them at all and would let them rest in peace, well, not the other resting in peace!

They have a job to do and they are not doing it. They do not even have a fire truck to douse the flames.


– Stanley Goreraza

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