LATEST: Health Minister responds to herbalist Walter Magaya’s apology over his Aguma Aids cure claims


Prophet Healing and Deliverance Leader Walter Magaya has apologised to the Ministry of Health and Child Care for by passing procedure in announcing his cure for cancer and HIV through the Aguma herb.

Magaya on Thursday held a joint press conference with the Ministry of Health and Child Care focusing on his Aids cure claim. Health minister Dr Obadiah Moyo, his deputy Dr John Mangwiro and several senior government officials were in attendance.

Prophet Magaya said, “We have engaged the Ministry. I carry an apology to them and the public. Having carried the research from outside the country, I went on to announce the results unprocedurally. I apologize once again.

“I took heed of what government and relevant boards have asked me to do to retract my earlier claim, which I am now doing. Together we are going to work towards running intensive clinical trials for Aguma.”

Health minister Dr Moyo accepted Magaya’s apology and announced that they are now working together with the Prophet to test the herb.

“Magaya rushed without realizing the impact of his message and his popularity and disregarded the facts in the regulation of medicines in the country. He now appreciates that there are regulations.

“I want to reiterate that please carry on with your medicines, Magaya’s medicine has not yet been approved. It’s unfortunate that Magaya did not have all regulations in place.

“Zimbabwe appreciate new discoveries but we want them to go through scientifically proven processes and these processes are what we are following now. He has assured us that he will not dispense that medication.

“And now following the regulations, he is now back in the fold. It is not our duty to thwart anyone’s ideas of discoveries. We have been using herbal concoctions from other countries.”

Yesterday members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police accompanied by the dreaded Central Intelligence agents raided Magaya’s Offices in search of his HIV and Cancer cure.

The raid came after the government and health practitioners strongly condemned the public declaration by the self styled Prophet that he has found a cure to the two of the world’s most incurable diseases.

– Bulawayo24

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