You are too weak to be called a man: Wife caught cheating with hubby's best friend says


A man from Lobengula West in Bulawayo is struggling to come to terms with his wife’s cheating antics after he allegedly walked in on her while allegedly taking a bath with her boyfriend in their matrimonial bathroom. The man claimed the lovebirds were taking a bath after a steamy sex romp.

The heartbroken man, Kelvin Tokoyo, who seems not to have it to forgive released pictures of his naked wife Mercy Nkiwane and her boyfriend Caleb Nyathi while taking a shower to the news crew.

He said what pains him most was the fact that his wife was cheating on him with one of his best friends.
So erotic are the pictures that Nyathi was captured sitting at the edge of the tub while generously parading his manhood and Nkiwane posing in white underwear and bra top. It is claimed that as a sign of showing affection, the two took turns to “wash” each other.

It is alleged that on the day they were busted, the lovebirds had taken their act to the woman’s matrimonial home taking advantage of the absence of her husband who was at work.

“I am hurt after I discovered that my wife was cheating on me with my friend. She was taking advantage of the fact that I spend most of my time at work. On the day I busted her I came home at around 3pm after my superiors had asked me to attend a workshop in Harare. Upon my arrival I proceeded to the bedroom and my wife was nowhere to be seen. I then concluded that she could be bathing, so I headed to the bathroom where I found her with her boyfriend taking a bath and it was clear that they were taking a dip after having sex,” he said.

However, when quizzed about her alleged furtive liaisons with Caleb, Mercy said her husband was too weak to be called a man before she sent a string of abusive and threatening messages to this reporter.

Caleb, who seemed to have been alerted by Mercy, that the news crew was soliciting for his comment switched off his mobile phone.

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