Prophet Makandiwa conducted PEN!S enlargement miracle, Magaya does VAG!NA miracle


Prophet Makandiwa conducted penis enlargement miracle, Magaya does vagina miracle 14 year old Rutendo Mhlauri had no vag*nal opening since birth but thanks to Prophet Magaya, she is just as good as any other girl after the mega popular Prophet miraculous ‘re-opened’ her closed privates via his anointing oil.

According to PHD spin doctors, Rutendo was at 1 year 3 months operated so as to rectify her peculiar condition and the procedure was a success but for a week and then her organ got closed again.

It was reported that at 2 years her mother took her to traditionalists who gave her concoctions which also opened up her vag!na for only a week as well.

Her mother did not give up hope but kept on looking for her child’s healing. At 5 years of age she was taken back to doctors who booked her for yet another operation but unfortunately for her, her financial resources did not permit.

They then sought solution from white garment churches and that is when the problem worsened. Rutendo started experiencing excruciating pain every time she wanted to urinate.
She then decided to visit PHD Ministries on the 2nd of March 2014 and she was blessed with the anointing oil. She started administering anointing oil 3 times every single day believing that only God would save her situation.

Every time she administered the oil she felt sharp pains as God was operating her spiritually. On the 25th of January 2015 Rutendo felt sharp pains after administering the anointing oil as she usually did and when she visited the bathroom she noticed there was blood on her panties and she called for her mother who later checked and noticed that her vag!na had opened up.

The miracle reminds us of Prophet Makandiwa’s penis enlargement miracle which he conducted last year. Makandiwa has a reputation of performing astounding miracles, but none of them is in the realm of the one witnessed a few minutes into the New Year last year by an estimated 50,000 congregants in Chitungwiza. Awe was written on all faces a few minutes into 2014 when Prophet Makandiwa conducted a penis enlargement miracle on a man who had travelled all the way from Namibia to ask the man of God to increase the length of his ‘kadora’ and make it a huge anaconda.

A pastor in the church said, “Man of God, this man here says he wants to marry, but he does not have the confidence to do so because his male organ is small . . . he says it’s the size of a two-year-old’s.”

“Do you believe Jesus is able?” Prophet Makandiwa asked.

“Yes, I believe,” answered the man.

A stretch of the hand by Prophet Makandiwa saw the man tumbling to the ground.

“First month grow, second month grow, third month grow, fourth month grow, fifth month . . . mmmm, stop,” said the UFIC leader amid wild shouts from the packed church.

It’s just that most of you believe My Zimbabwe News crew have a naughty mindset, otherwise we would have loved this Namibian man and Prophet Magaya’s Rutendo girl to meet and show each other the results of the miracles conducted on them.

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