Nelson Chamisa speaks on taking power from Mnangagwa, urges Zimbabweans to be patient


Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has labelled the two percent tax on every electronically-transacted dollar an unabashed robbery of the masses.

The Ministry of Finance implemented the new tax regime earlier this month ostensibly to widen the nationalfiscal space but critics have slammed the move as an illegal and unfair way of forcing the ordinary citizen pay for government profligacy.

Addressing thousands of supporters who gathered at Gwanzura Stadium for the 19th anniversary of the party’s formation on Saturday last week, Chamisa attacked President Emmerson Mnangagwa as an illegitimate leader who was now being rejected by the economy.

“I heard him saying we want to move forward but there is no moving forward unless we all face the reality of who won the elections. The economy is on its knees.

“The riches of the land are being helplessly squandered. You saw the money being forked out by the government, the two percent tax that you have been made to pay for every EcoCash transaction. It is daylight robbery because it is your personal money that is being taken from you by the very same people who keep embezzling government funds.

“What am I talking about? We saw a deficit of treasury bills worth nine billion dollars, $90 million of which went towards supporting Zanu-PF. Now they want to replace the money through deducting the two percent tax from every EcoCash transaction that you make. You try sending money to your relative who has passed away but your money is taken,” Chamisa fumed

The charismatic leader said he was sure Mnangagwa will not survice the economic crisis and will soon be removed from power by popular revolts.

“We are dying of hunger. You are seeing how patients in hospitals are suffering, in pharmacies BP patients are expected to pay drugs in US dollars and tell me where one can get that forex from. We once told them that bond note is not money, give us real money. If we were in power like now, it could have been a walk in the park. Each one of you would practically be enjoying their money because an economy like this is a reflection of politics that is not in proper shape,” he said.

He told the people to be patient as he maps the way forward on how to take power from Mnangagwa.

“Be still people because we have the programme lined up to go and tell somebody to return what isn’t his and from next week, I will be travelling from place to place urging and strengthening the people that it is time to react. I will be taking over everyone to Canaan,” said Chamisa.

On the debilitating fuel shortages, Chamisa seemed to agree with the dominant narrative that a powerful cartel was directing the shortages for selfish gain.

“I heard that there is a queen bee but I don’t know that person. However, if there is a queen bee, then there is a king bee who happens to oversee how things are running in this country.These people should be brought to book with all the deals that they are doing with fuel, chrome, gold and diamonds as well as all that they are doing to rob the children of Zimbabwe of their wealth,” Chamisa said.

— Bulawayo24

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