More men to resort to masturbation as prostitutes reject bond notes


Sex workers plying their trade in the mining town of Zvishavane have now resorted to foreign currency and basic commodities as forms of payment for services rendered as a reaction to the crunching economic status prevailing in the country.

The situation left sex workers with no option than to change their forms of payment to strictly US dollars and in some cases demanding basic commodities like cooking oil and bathing soap. The move benefits them the most as risks of making ‘loses’ while charging in bonds are now minimal.

Speaking to this publication, a number of sex workers said they have changed the methods of payment so as to adapt to the prevailing situation in the country. They came up with standard payments which are variant to the client’s demand.

“We are now charging US dollars for our services and at times we are given basic commodities like cooking oil and soap,” said one of the sex workers.

As every one is witnessing high prices in shops, the sex workers say that it has not been a problem to their clients to adjust to the new forms of payment.

“Clients are still coming the way they did before this situation, there is no problem so far because everyone knows what is happening in country and things are tough for everyone,” said the sex worker.

With the current economic situation in Zimbabwe, life is getting tougher everyday as prices are changing day by day.

But most men who spoke to this publication said they would rather resort to masturbation than to part with their hard earned cash buying foreign currency at black market in order to bed hookers.

Zimbabweans have witnessed the skyrocketing of prices and disappearance of basic commodities since the monetary policy presentation by the Minister of Finance, Mtuli Ncube last month, in which he said the bond note and RTGS were not at par with the US$.

— TellZim

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