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An accused rapist has denied allegations of sexually abusing his 13-year-old stepdaughter, claiming in his defence that his manhood was too big to have penetrated the young girl’s vagina.

Exiled Zimbabwean national Phineus Ndebele, 48, came out with the bizarre statement during his trial last week at the Francistown Magistrate’s court.
Ndebele, who came to Botswana back in 1982 while running away from the war in Zimbabwe, is being accused of defiling his stepdaughter.

He pleaded not guilty to the offence arguing that he could not have had sexual intercourse with the child due to the massive size of his male member.

The complainant has been living alone with his stepdaughter since the death of her mother, his late girlfriend.

Referring to his stepdaughter he said before magistrate Dumisani Basupi: "My pen*s is too big to penetrate your tight and tiny vagina ngwanaka (my child).

"If indeed it was me who had sex with you, you should have been at the hospital, bedridden by now," Ndebele argued when cross examining the youngster who was shedding tears throughout her testimony which was held in camera.

Besides having to be hospitalised he maintained that had he had sexual intercourse with his stepdaughter, there would have been marks of stitches like somebody who had just given birth.

"Just tell the court the truth about the person you had sex with. If it was me, you should have been crippled by now. You would not be able to walk if I had sex with you," he said.

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