Woman in trouble after taking sex towel to sangoma


LINDIWE regrets trying to fix what was not broken.

Her obsession with keeping her man ruined her marriage.

This happened after she was advised by her friend eight years ago, before she got married, to take her sex towel to a sangoma to help keep her man.

Lindiwe Mgaga (38) from Orange Farm, south of Joburg is now devastated.

She doesn’t know whether to blame her friend or the sangoma whom she consulted.

She said she was desperate and just wanted to make sure her husband Peter (40) didn’t leave her.

“I am not justifying what I did, but marriages get wrecked all the time and I just wanted mine not to end,” said Lindiwe.

She said a week before she got married, she took the towel she and her husband used to wipe the fluids after sex to a sangoma.

“The sangoma worked on it, tied it up and instructed me to hide it in the house,” she said.

But there were troubles a few months after they were married.

“We started arguing a lot for no reason. A year later, he started cheating on me,” said Lindiwe.

She said she suspected the trouble in her marriage was caused by the towel. Lindiwe said when she went back to the sangoma, she was nowhere to be found.

“I panicked and decided to consult another sangoma, who told me he could not help me and that the towel I used to keep my marriage was wrecking it,” she said.

She said things became worse over the years.

They started sleeping in separate rooms and cooking in different pots.

Lindiwe suggested they go for counselling, but her husband refused.

In April, Lindiwe decided to come clean and told her husband everything.

“I thought this would make things better and that he would help me fight this, but he was furious,” she said.

Then her husband moved out.

Peter told Daily Sun he was not willing to fix his marriage.

He wants a divorce.

“If she could do this to me and our marriage, then she could probably do worse. That’s not the woman I married,” said Peter.

— DailySun

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