Drama as businessman catches wife having sex with workmate on their matrimonial bed


IT is one of life’s laws that when the poor are pondering on where they will get their next meal, the moneyed have their own fair share of tribulations that, at times, leave them envying the less privileged.

If you think Yours Truly is lying then ask our dear youthful businessman who recently learnt a lesson of a lifetime that there is more to life and love than just money.

He is the type of person who thinks money can buy everything but it was not so long before he learnt it the hard way that money cannot buy loyalty, devotion or trustworthiness.

A few notes will help you gentle reader to realise the moneyed moron I am blabbering about.

This is none other than that other young businessman whose claim to fame is in that budding business empire located in some relatively remote area a few kilos from the city.

Some know him for his love for football which saw him bankrolling a club that was soon disbanded after he quickly realised that the costs of sponsoring a team are way too heavy for their growing business project.

Others know him for his madcap disposition, a kind of daftness or tomfoolery that is worsened by a strong rural background. I mean kakuoma musoro kasina direction!

It appears his name has it all given that he loves more women that he can emotionally satisfy.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that our dear businessman was recently beaten in his own game.

He caught his beloved wife playing the hide my sausage game with a workmate right in their matrimonial home, on their matrimonial bed.

Of all the people that we would have expected to date his wife, it was a mere school teacher who did all the damage as he kept the businessman’s dear wife mourning and screaming in excitement like never before.

When cornered, wife’s boyfriend, who could not find time to collect his spectacles let alone his mobile phone, is said to have jumped through the window of the two storey building and instantly suffered a broken leg.

While it is good to feel sorry for him in these trying times, make no mistake gentle reader this is the same young businessman who thought he has the world on his palm as he lured women of different shapes and sizes using the scarce greenbacks.

The even had the audacity to lure married women including those married to his friends and close colleagues.

Blabber will not go into detail about how the young businessman used to buy strong, expensive whisky brands just to get one of his colleagues who works for an elections organisation intoxicated and have unrestricted access to the wife.

Karma never loses address, so they say!

Blabber will not easily let this uncultured nincompoop off the hook and to that end Yours Truly will unravel the aftermath of his nasty discovery in terms of his relationship with his generous wife and maybe a bit more about the source of his wealth.

Watch my space!

– Manica Post

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