JUST IN: Zanu PF youth league attacks former Chipangano terror group leader Jim Kunaka


Zanu PF Youth Affairs deputy Secretary Lewis Matutu has called for the immediate arrest of former Chipangano terror group leader Jim Kunaka for perpetrating acts of violence against opposition members.

“Jim Kunaka has conceded perpetrating violence against the opposition and killing people for political gains live on TV before the commission of inquiry. All this was done under the oath. It is the duty of the law enforcement institutions to apprehend him and be charged under the laws of the land. He should not be allowed to get away with this!” Matutu said in a statement.

“If he was given instructions as he alleges, he must name those who gave him such orders if they do exist. Let him name those who were working with him. He just complicated his life because mhosva hairovi he must be held accountable.”

Lewis Matutu

Matutu said the former terror leader was bitter at ZANU PF because he is broke.

Some people may wonder why Jim Kunaka hates ZANU PF to the core. He is very broke drained and in serious debt and the only way to make money is representing the opposition. However, the fact that he admitted to criminal activities let him take responsibility.”

“Majority of the things that he said shows hate, bitterness and disorder but they are of no substance to the commission of enquiry, probably he should have understood the commission’s terms of reference,” Matutu further explained.

Giving his evidence in chief before the commission Kunaka said, “I was a Provincial Leader of ZANU PF in Harare and I was in charge of commanding violent activities if you check on the internet my name is there. Professor Charity Manyeruke who is seated there in the commission is one of the architects of violence in ZANU PF. She was one of the people with whom we would sit down to discuss how we would beat up MDC people.”

— Zimbabwe Eye

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