Mysterious things happen at graveyard where council plans to allocate housing stands to home-seekers


A HARARE man who is farming at a disused graveyard earmarked for residential stands in Mabvuku, claims he converses with the dead.

The open space in Mabvuku was earmarked for residential stands when graves were discovered during servicing of the land. Plans are underway to exhume the remains to pave way for residential stands.

Zeit Sibanda who claims to have tilled the land for the past 17 years said those set to benefit from the stands should not offend the spirits of the dead residing on the piece of land.

“There are big snakes here and mysterious things happen here; the snakes are so big so those who are coming to stay here should be cautious of them.

“In all the years that I have stayed here, I have managed to stay at this piece of land because I respect the spirits of the dead people who were buried here.

“I do not only speak to them but we have proper conversations with them and I make sure I confine my conversations to this area only.

“In all these years, I have managed to have a good yield and this is all because of the relations I have with the dead here,” he said.

Before H-Metro arrived at the scene, Sibanda said he had almost been attacked by a carpenter bee before he asked the dead to calm it down.

“As you can see, there are parts of this bush which are untamed and a few minutes ago before you came, a very big carpenter bee was following me, at first I didn’t take it serious until it started to bite me.

“I then asked the dead to protect me from the bee and immediately the bee left and I carried on with my work.

“So I don’t just talk to the dead here but they protect me as I do my business,” he said.

Sibanda went on to urge those who wanted to stay at the stands to respect the spirits of the dead if they wanted to live in peace at the place.

“This will be my last season growing crops here because we have been informed that the land is being developed into residential stands.

“I would like to advise those who want to stay here that they should talk to the dead nicely so that they do not offend them; the dead are the owners of the land.

“Would be occupants need to be consulting the dead on everything they do for them to live in peace.

“You cannot just bulldoze what you want to do on this land. I have seen that roads are now being opened and there is land on the other side that has now got stands pegged.

“Before they come here I would think it would be necessary if a ritual is done just to reverence the spirits of the dead bodies which have been here for years.

“Reburying the remains is not enough; actually it is not part of our culture to just remove the bodies without conducting any ritual.

“Taking for granted such things can lead us to cases where natural disasters start to happen and we need to avoid that,” he said.

— HMetro

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