EXPOSED: Obert Mpofu was recruited into CIO by Mnangagwa in 1980 to spy on Zapu leaders — Jonathan Moyo


Former Minister of Home Affairs is a Central Intelligence Operative who was recruited by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to spy on ZAPU leaders, Professor Jonathan Moyo has alleged.

Moyo was responding to Mpofu’s allegation that he phoned MDC Leader Nelson Chamisa and recorded the phone call because he does not trust the MDC Leader.

“Obert Mpofu, the now disobedient son recruited into the CIO by Mnangagwa in 1980 to spy on Zapu leaders, is lying under oath. He should be required to produce the recording he claims he did. Only blithering idiots will believe his lie that Nelson Chamisa admitted on 1 Aug he had lost!” Said Professor Jonathan Moyo.

There has been a long standing allegation that Obert Mpofu joined ZAPU Youth movement in 1966 and became an occasional messenger between ZAPU comrades in Rhodesia and Zambia. Mpofu was proved to be divisive and untrainable and dismissed from the role by ZIPRA Commander Alfred Nikita Mangena. Mpofu then sought the Academic road and studied journalism in India. When Zimbabwe attained Independence Mpofu betrayed ZAPU and opportunistically joined ZANU PF as a matter of survival.

His betrayal should be read in context that Mpofu joined ZANU PF at a time when the party was maiming mercilessly 20 000 Matebeleland citizens.

Some ZANU PF members says Mpofu worked as a manager of Customs in Harare and began smuggling televisions to Zimbabwe and Enos Nkala came to his aid and protected Mpofu under the wings of ZANU PF catapulting him to be ZANU PF non-constituency MP in 1987 and 1995. Robert Mugabe rewarded Mpofu by making him Governor of Matabeleland North and later Minister of Industry and Trade.

— Bulawayo24

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