Man arrested by South African police for being too ugly (PHOTO)


Limpopo man arrested for being too ugly HE has been arrested twice for crimes he claims he knows nothing about.

Now Thulani Mhlongo believes he’s being arrested by South African cops for being ugly.

“I know I look scary with my red eyes and dark skin but I didn’t choose to look like this. The police must please leave me alone,” Thulani said.

The 32-year-old, who is based in Bela Bela in Limpopo, South African said he was arrested in 2013 and spent two weeks in custody.

He was accused of stealing a phone but the charges were dropped after the actual culprit was bust.

In June last year, he spent three weeks in jail after being accused of murder.

“I might look horrible but I don’t do crime. I’m a good guy and I deserve to be treated like a human being, not a wild animal,” Thulani added.

After the murder allegations, his photo was published in local newspapers and now people scream and run when they see him walking through the kasi.

He also lost his job and his family’s trust.

He said he and his baby mama were starving because they had no source of income.

He is also living in fear that he will be attacked by community members who believe he is a criminal.

His friends has also stopped seeing him because they believe he is dangerous.

Thulani said he wanted to sue the State for ruining his life.

But he needs the help of a lawyer.

Colonel Ronel Otto said: “We always arrest people for questioning and if the person is not connected to the crime, they are released within 48 hours.”

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