Matemadanda exposed: He’s not a war veteran, he was just a taxi driver in Zambia during liberation war


The Spokesperson of the National Patriotic Front Jealousy Mawarire has sensationally claimed the Deputy Minister of Defense and War Veterans Victor Matemadanda is not a former freedom fighter but was a taxi driver in Zambia during the war of liberation.

Mawarire was responding to Matemadanda’s statement that as War Veterans they are calling for the revision of the Presidential age limit from 40 to 52 years.

“The Taxi driver is just barking,” said Mawarire. “Arikuvukura. He was just a taxi driver in Zambia during the war. He was never a war veteran. He is one of the many such masquerades and they are usually the most vocal about having fought the war.”

This is not the first time that Matemadanda has been accused of lying about his liberation struggle credentials.

During the height of ZANU PF succession fights, the then G40 Kingpin Saviour Kasukuwere said of the War Veterans, “They are drunkards; some of them are not real war veterans. They were taxi drivers in Zambia,”

Matemadanda claims that in Zambia in the 1970s,he joined the fight for the freedom of his motherland as a young man and faced the immense difficulties of war and hunger and trauma following the assassination of Herbert Chitepo.

He was to shuttle between Zambia and Mozambique for logistical reasons. In 1979 he went to the war front and operated in the Mutoko area.

MDC Alliance official Jeffryson Chitando once said war veterans leader Victor Matemadanda’s liberation struggle credentials are questionable because of his “reckless utterances.”

“Such shallow minded war veterans like Matemadanda were busy abusing young women. Zimbabweans should doubt the liberation credentials of people like Matemadanda.

“Matemadanda must seriously explain his war credentials. If he was a true freedom fighter he must have appreciated the roles played by various groups to fight the enemy,” Chitando thundered.

Prominent Mashonaland West war veteran Runesu Geza, popularly known as Bombshell also once called for re-vetting of war veterans.

“… We need re-vetting. Others are now ministers, but their liberation history is not known,” he said in apparent reference to Matemadanda.

— Bulawayo24

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